January 2015 – Highlights

January was a very busy month for us! We spent almost 7 weeks house-sitting for Bryton’s old manager from work. We started house-sitting mid December and just came home 2 weeks ago. It was the best time! We are living with Bryton’s parents at the moment, and we don’t have a bathroom in the room that we stay so we have to go outside and into Grandma’s house to use hers. So it was really nice having a house to ourselves with two bathrooms and a full kitchen. We were also able to have friends over almost every week we were there! They’d come over for dinner or movies or swims – it was a lot of fun!

We had three of our friends get married in January. Our first wedding was for Mulligan. He’s a funny one. I wouldn’t call him my friend and unfortunately, we are family. He found out that both of his parents are related to both of my grandparents, so there is really no way to get out of this one. He married a really nice girl, Raharu. They had their wedding at a marae out here in West Harbour. What an interesting experience! It was my first marae wedding. The welcomed us on to the marae with a powhiri and then they had a few maori speeches, each was followed by a waiata (a maori song). Bishop Tasker from Sunnyvale Ward performed the ceremony and it was beautiful. They had photos right there on the marae and then we went into the hall for the reception. They had kina and paua and of course I didn’t partake. Bryton, however, tried the kina and not surprising, hated it haha. But at least he can say he’s tried it which is more than I’ve ever done. Mulligan and Ra sang a Disney song from ‘Tangled’ to each other and it was soooooo Mulligan!!! Overall, a cute wedding.

Our group with a couple of extras.

The happy couple!

My good friend, Chantel, just returned home from her mission in Peru.

My handsome husband!

I also had the opportunity to go to Tonga! I know, me, in Tonga, whaaaaat? Well I wouldn’t typically choose Tonga as a holiday destination just for fun. But one of my good high school friends, Riana, was marrying a Tongan man in Tonga, and I knew I had to be there! I have so much to share about my trip and I’m afraid if I include everything in this post it will go on forever. So I think I will save my trip for my next post! 

The beautiful Tongan temple on a beautiful day.

The day I got back from Tonga, Bryton and I went straight to Hamilton to stay for the night. Our really good friend, Chelsea, was getting married. And I just want to say how busy it was having two weddings in two days in two different countries!!! Fortunately, Tonga and New Zealand have are in the same time zone so I wasn’t jet lagged. Just exhausted! Anyway, Chelsea’s wedding was amazing. I should also save that for another post. She had her sealing and a small reception on the Friday and then a dessert ball on the Saturday. I think I will have to write another post about those events. I’m just really excited that she is married because we’ve been talking about our weddings days for the last 3 years so it’s awesome that we’ve both (finally) made it!

Our girl is finally married!

January seemed like a fun and busy month. I’m hoping the rest of the year is like this, but the occasional break would be nice I guess!


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