Muriwai Beach

I thought Muriwai was beautiful when we arrived.
But when I saw what it looked like when we left, I was stunned!

My sister-in-law has been wanting to take me to Muriwai Beach for a while. The thing is, I don’t do beaches. The combination of sand and salt water really isn’t appealing to me. But Britney had told me how amazing the sunsets are there, so we went out last night. Britney, Bryton, my mother-in-law and I took the trip out. And what a night it was. We grabbed dessert from Countdown and ordered Thai food and drove out. Muriwai is about half an hour northwest of where we live. When we got there it was really nice. The clouds were perfection. I love clouds. I’m obsessed with dark skies and sunsets and dark clouds. So beautiful. I took so many photos!! But these photos don’t even do the view justice. There are no filters on these photos. I need a pro camera to capture them perfectly!

Dinner with the family.
The Gannet Colony.
Can’t go to a place like this and not take a selfie!

This is when the view started to get amazing.


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