The Tarati’s

I am absolutely obsessed! I love weddings! While I would never want to be a wedding planner, I love going to weddings and helping out with them. The most recent wedding I attended was Chelsea and Lorenzo’s wedding. Of course, they were married in the temple in Hamilton. It was a sweet sealing. When Chelsea walked out of the temple she was glowing and, as expected, really really happy!! It had been a long time coming. With her permission, I have uploaded photos for you to see.

They are so happy! Photo credit: Love and Light Studio

She had her dress made. Isn’t it gorgeous!?

This is stunning. Photo credit: Love and Light Studio

Her reception was held at a little restaurant called Elevation which is located on Scenic Drive, on your way out to Piha beach. Because it is a public restaurant, they were open during the day and closed at 4.00pm to prepare for 6.00pm reception. So we only really had an hour and a half to get everything set up, and it was a mission. It was difficult because traffic was really bad and we got caught in the worst of it in South Auckland. On the way to the restaurant we had to stop at Chelsea’s house to pick up the stuff for the centrepieces, because she had put me in charge of them! I just got in from Tonga the evening before and I hadn’t talked with her about them and I didn’t get to play around with the stuff before hand. So I was just going off some photos I saw the night before the wedding. Haha. It was crazy and I was really stressed out and mental. By the time we actually arrived at the restaurant, we had 20 minutes before guests were arriving. It was a nightmare! And I feel terrible that I didn’t have more time to do my job. I had to enlist some very generous helpers to get the centrepieces completed in time. I put myself in charge of the bridal table and put all my attention and energy into that because the bride would be sitting at it. We were a bit behind schedule but once the reception started, everything pretty much ran smoothly.

They had a ring ceremony and the cutting of the cake on the deck which was such a perfect location. The restaurant itself sits kinda in hill so there is a big mountain behind it and you can see down into the valley and the city. It was just gorgeous. I wish I had taken better photos for you. I got lots on our iPad, but the iPad camera sucks!!! The quality is so bad. Apple needs to fix that. But feast your eyes on these photos.

Congratulations again, Mr. and Mrs. Tarati


Photos taken at Piha Beach. Photo credit: Love and Light Studio

Selfies with the bride!

These two photos are the ones she sent me of her centrepieces:

These photos are from the reception. I am absolutely kicking myself because I didn’t get proper ones. The iPad really mad me angry with it’s low quality haha. I promise the tables looked better in real life!

Please excuse the head at the bottom of this! I wish I had go a better photo of this! It was really a great backdrop!

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