Valentine’s Day 2015

Valentine’s this year was the best I’ve had. Ever! I decided that I would organize our activities this year because Bryton often does it and our plans always fail it doesn’t end up being fun haha. The last 2 weeks leading up to it I’d been thinking really hard of a nice place we could go to for dinner. But the restaurants were either booked up or had increased their prices for Valentine’s Day. So by Friday night I hadn’t organized a thing and had no idea what we would end up doing.

On Saturday morning I woke up to Bryton bringing in a McDonald’s breakfast with our favourite NYC Benedict Bagel combo. That might not sound romantic, but have you tasted their benendict bagels!? Yum! He had also bought me a box of Lindt Chocolates and a single Rose which I absolutely loved.

Dreamy šŸ™‚

We laid in bed watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory for the morning and then got up and ready for the day. We didn’t have any plans but decided I really wanted to read my book and it was such a beautiful day.

We decided to go out to Muriwai Beach and have lunch and read. We picked up some Thai food from the same place we went to with Britney when we went to see the sunset. Then we stopped in Kumeu for a real fruit strawberry frozen yoghurt. Oh man it was delicious!

My facial expression looks really weird here but the yoghurt was so good!

We got to Muriwai and it was quite busy. We set up our picnic blanket and ate Thai curry. It was so yummy, but curries and the beach do not go together. At all. We ate and I read my book and Bryton covered himself so he wouldn’t get sunburnt. It was such a relaxing time. I loved it!!

Muriwai Beach

Red Curry. It was delicious but really hot so I had to keep it on a towel.

Loving this book. Helen of Troy. “The face that launched
a thousand ships.” No, not mine. Helen’s. This was the
perfect day to lie in the sun and read.

And while I read Bryton covered himself so he wouldn’t get burnt.

I said to him “I’m like the West Coast beaches and you’re like the East Coast beaches.”
New Zealand fact: The West Coast beaches have black sand and
the East Coast beaches have white sand.

We had to come home and get ready for conference. We had Stake Conference this weekend. It was a nice session. One of our friends, Shilo, gave a talk about her conversion to the Church. She is a great speaker!

To finish of the perfect day, we drove out to Piha to catch the sunset, but unfortunately there was no sun. I think it was hiding behind one of the big rocks but we got some gorgeous photos while we were there.

The amazing view on our way out to Piha!

It turned out to be such a nice day. Our spontaneous plans worked out well for us and I loved it! It taught me that I shouldn’t need to be organized all the time and that fun can happen when you don’t plan things.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovers!


Curse you grainy photos

My Valentine

Stunning Piha

Too much love ā¤

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