"Where there is life, there is hope" – Stephen Hawking

We have this group of friends that we often do things with. We met at the Institute building in town a few years ago. They’re an awesome group of friends and we all hold differing views of certain things. The main things that bring our group together are in-depth Gospel discussions, musicals, and FOOD. Last week we had Family Home Evening at Chantel’s house including a band practice. We are all so musically talented. Sarcasm.

Left to Right: Keith, Simone, Me, Bryton

Last night we were meant to learn Salsa dancing. Lucky for us, Simone couldn’t make it so we cancelled Salsa dancing and went to the movies instead. The whole group couldn’t make it, so it was just Bryton, Keith, Simone, and I. We went to see The Theory of Everything. It is a movie about the life of Stephen Hawking and was made from his first wife’s book “Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen”.

It was a really good movie. Eddie Redmayne did an amazing job acting as Stephen. But the movie was so sad. I feel like it said more of Stephen’s wife, Jane, than it did of him. And I guess it didn’t, and couldn’t, show us exactly what went on in his mind, so it left a lot of questions in our mind. I liked the film and I recommend you see it!

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