Four year old twin brothers

Left: Levi Right: Vinnie

I cannot believe that I have myself four year old twin brothers. In my first year of university, I went home during the school break. I remember mum, dad, and I sitting in the lounge and when they called my brother and sister to come in because we needed to talk, I knew straight away what was going on! Mum and Dad just looked at us and laughed and I started laughing and that slowly turned to crying. They hadn’t even said anything yet! The details are blurry after that, but one of them told us that mum was having a baby and it was so WEIRD!! I was 19 years old. In my first year of university. I was too old to have siblings! 

A couple of weeks later the family called me and told me that mum had just had her scan and they found out they were having twins! What a shock horror!

On the 23rd February 2011, Levi and Vinnie came into our world and it has never been the same again.

They’ve grown up so much and have their own personalities. Levi, the older of the two, is so much like me!! He’s the leader, the bossy one, and he likes to cause trouble and blame it on Vinnie. He can be a little bit like a princess sometimes. He doesn’t like to work and he likes to suck on his tongue haha. 


Vinnie is sweet and loving, but rough around the edges. He has such a funny sense of humour. He’ll laugh at his mistakes and when you growl him he moves on from it real quick.


They’ve spent this weekend with us. Their birthday is on a Monday this year, so on Saturday we had a family birthday at the pools in Hamilton. Mum made their cakes (interesting), we had a bbq lunch, and then they came to Auckland to spend 2 nights with us. Yesterday, they came to church with us – they are very well behaved but get bored really easily. Today they have been playing with Dekota, we’re going to get a McDonald’s lunch for them and eat with Bryton during his lunch break, and then go to the park.

I love these little boys so much. They are a huge blessing in our lives and have saved our family.

This is one of my favourite photos of them. They used to sleep like this when they were babies.


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