Date Night: Auckland Lantern Festival 2015

So it’s not often that Bryton will come up with an awesome idea for date night. But tonight was my lucky night!! The Auckland Lantern Festival is happening this weekend and started tonight so Bryton decided it was a good idea to go. And it was! This happens every year for the Chinese New Year. They have awesome lanterns set up around Albert Park in the city. They also have lots of performances and most importantly, FOOD STALLS!!!! And let’s be honest, we really only went there for the food.

While we were walking along the street looking for food to eat, we found a station where you can test your cigarette levels or something. If you smoke you are likely to get in the Orange-Red stage, but if you don’t smoke you are most likely a green. While Bryton and I decided to test ourselves to see how bad our smoking is getting (hahaha sarcasm. We don’t smoke). Well we were both in the green zone, and we both got a score of 5. This meant that we have healthy lungs but because of the pollution in Auckland city we have a bit of smoke in there too. Nothing harmful though.

We found some Thai food. I got Green Curry and Bryton got Fried Noodles. I was a bit disappointed. But that just meant that we could try more food. We didn’t get too cultural with the food that we ate. Bryton got a Watermelon Sundae – from a stall that is run by members in our Stake! I got a delish Hazelnut Belgian Tart. How white can you get, right! Haha. But then I got some fried pork buns that weren’t very nice and a Taro Bubble Tea. 

Tonight was a fun night!! Thanks, Pilling xx

These lanterns reminded me of my little brothers.

Auckland City


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