My Eternal Marriage

This week I have really been overwhelmed with gratitude for my marriage. Today my friend at work (who recently got engaged) told me she really wants to be like me in my marriage – not in the things that I do, but in the way that I love my husband and our marriage. She said that so many women she talks to aren’t as optimistic or positive about marriage, but when I talk about my marriage and my husband, I’m always so happy. And I am! I love being married. But not just that, I love being married to my best friend. The man whom my soul loves.

The pointy stature in the background there, that’s where we said “I love you”
about 3 and a half years ago.

I love being married! My favourite thing is that we don’t have to say goodbye at the end of night šŸ™‚ When we were dating we spent almost every day together. And at the end of the day Bryton would have to drive me 30 minutes to my house and we’d have to say goodnight. I LOVE that we don’t have to do that anymore. I love coming home from work together and getting to spend the rest of the night together and doing that every single day for the rest of our lives!

I’m really blessed to have an incredible husband. When we first started dating I told him straight away that I can’t cook and I hate cooking, to which he replied “that’s not important to me.” I knew he was the one right then and there haha. So he does the cooking and I do the cleaning because he’s not too fond of that. Although, if you saw our place right now, it would look like I don’t like cleaning too haha.

One of my favourite things about Bryton is his kind heart. He is so fetchin’ lovely!! All of the time! Now we have been together coming up to 4 years next month (wow – sudden shock at the realization of that), so I know him pretty well, and he never says a bad word about anyone. He doesn’t get angry, he doesn’t yell, he is so patient, and compliments people all the time. On the other hand, I always get angry, I yell at everybody, I am really impatient and can’t stand it when people take their sweet time doing things, and I’m really good at holding compliments in because I’m too stubborn to share them. I don’t know why Bryton married me, but I am pretty darn lucky to have a man like him!

I am so blessed that he took me to the temple to be sealed for eternity. That has been so important to me throughout my life.

At the fireside with Elder Bednar last week, the speaker (I can’t remember who) said that marriage is hard work. And I’ve heard that a lot. But I was talking to Bryton’s mum afterwards and she said that marriage isn’t hard work for her. And I feel the same! We have been married almost a year – so that’s not very long, but it hasn’t been hard work for me. And I don’t think it will be, just because of the person Bryton is. Of course we have problems to work through, but talk through them and overcome them.

I have learnt so much about marriage so far, but these are just a few points:

– Arguments are not necessary
– Compliments go a long way
– Patience really is a virtue and if you have it, you’re lucky
– No body is perfect
– Decisions should be made together, and
– You can never love a person enough.



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