Hamilton Visits

Every first Saturday of the month is our Stake Temple Day. Bryton and I make it a goal to attend the temple at least once a month, and when we do, we stop in to visit with my family for the day. Last Saturday, we went to the temple and we were lucky because a friend from our ward, Letitia, was going through for her endowments. Our other friend, Shilo, was also there and it was really nice to be in the temple with some friends our age.

After the temple my mum brought my twin brothers up to meet us. We went to the Visitors Centre because my brothers love going in there.

We spent the day with my family. In the evening we all went to the Hamilton Night Markets and it was really cool! I got a delicious Nutella milkshake and some Palusami, which I have been craving since I got back from Tonga.

DELICIOUS Palusami. Pork, coconut cream, and taro leaves. So healthy. Haha.
My very hungry family.

On Sunday we had a youth fireside to attend. Bryton and I are both in the youth program. I am the first counselor in young womens and he is the stake young mens president. So we went along and took some youth with us. It was packed! It was a regional fireside with visiting general authority. The car park was full and there were at least 5 buses which had brought a ton of youth. It was an awesome turn out. Unfortunately, a lot of the youth were quite restless and enjoyed sociaizing with their friends more than listening to the speakers.

He likes lipstick. Just not on him.

Overall it was a fun and busy weekend! I have been a little slack with the blog lately. I haven’t posted as often as I should be, but by the time I get home from work and get some spare time, it’s already late and I just want to sleep. Once uni is done I know I will have more time to write and more interesting things to talk about. Like our trip to America in September. I cannot tell you how excited I am! I am especially excited to meet Bryton’s family in Canada. I have met some of them on Skype but it’s going to be awesome meeting them in person! And I am dying to shop. I’m so excited!!!



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