Levi-isms and Vinnie-isms

Today I got to spend lunch time with my little brothers. Mum texted me the other day asking what I was doing today. The boys’ Kohanga* was coming up to Auckland to go to Kelly Tarlton’s for a field trip and she said I should go and have lunch with them. I met them at a park by Kelly Tarlton’s and it was so much fun!

Left: Vinnie Right: Levi

*Kohanga is a Maori kindergarten where the children are taught in Maori. Maori traditions and concepts are taught here. Children learn who they are and develop a respect for the culture.

It was really cute because all the children were wearing their red Kohanga shirts and blue hats. When I got there I walked across the field to them and Vinnie saw me and ran up to me and gave me a big cuddle. It was so sweet! Levi, however, just sat at the table and barely acknowledged me when I got there haha.

They sat with me while we ate. The teachers spoke to all the children in Maori and they children understood everything they were saying. And when the kids replied, they spoke back in Maori. It was really cute to experience.


We played on the playground for a bit and it was so fun. They are delicious little boys. I have taken a concept started by Taza from lovetaza.com which is Leviisms and Vinnieisms where you note down all the cute things that children say. Today I have some cool ones:


Even with this face he’s delicious.

– I was sitting on the playground boat with him and he says to me:
  L: “Are you going to your house after?”
  K: “Yep. Grandma is at home too.”
  L: “I want to come. I like you.”
  K: “I like you too!”
  This is a big deal for me because whenever I tell him I love him he says “NAH!”

– We were both sitting on the swings:

  L: “Can you push me?”
  K: “Nah, it’s your turn to push me,”
  L: “Haha noooo you’re too big!”

– We were eating lunch, they have recently been learning their manners:

  L: “Give me a chip,”
  K: “What do you say?”
  L: “Thank you – I mean, please.”


I love this handsome little boy!

– Right after the above experience with Levi’s manners, Vinnie says:
  “Can I have a chippie please?”
  Their lives are a constant battle about who can be better than the other.

– K: “Did you have a good time looking at the fishies?”

  V: “Yeah, we saw the penguins,”
  L: “And the shark! It was big!”
  K: “Did you go swimming with the shark?”
  They both break out in hysterics
  V: “Nooo, they will bite me!”

– The group were leaving and walking to the bus, Vinnie was holding my hand:

   V: “I want you to come on the bus”
   K: “No, I have to go in my car and go home,”
   V: “I don’t want you to. I want you to come. I like you.”
   When we got to the bus he kept saying “nooooo” and holding on to my leg. This was cute because whenever I leave home with Bryton they don’t care about me leaving, only Bryton.

I love these gorgeous little boys.




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