Sacrament Meeting Talk – Soppy Style

Well my lovely wife has requested that I contribute to our blog. So after logging into blogspot and realising that I have 3 or 4 long lost blogs – and getting sidetracked looking at the interesting stats from those – I’ve finally made it to this page to create my first post on our now joint blog. 

Sacrament meeting talks are always a challenge to prepare and deliver. Today’s was no exception, and it was slightly more difficult than usual in that it was a stake talk where I had to speak for twenty minutes. Lucky the topic was an interesting one – Teaching by example. 

The talk focused on the idea that although not everyone has a role in which they deliberately or intentionally teach others, we are all teaching and learning. 

Being the emotional stone that I am – I certainly became emotional when speaking about my parents and the great example they’ve been. And all the while I could feel my wife chuckling in the congregation.  


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