Weekend Happenings

I have been so slack recently. Life has been busy. Last Friday I had a group presentation for one of my classes so I spent everyday after work studying and researching and then the weekend was busy so I’m sneaking in a bit of time during work to write a little something.

My brother and sister came up from Hamilton over the weekend. They stayed at my Nana’s house so we went over on Saturday to spend some time with them. We grabbed some lunch at the mall in St Lukes and then headed into the city for some dessert at Milse. Again. I’m sorry! It’s just so delicious and I had to share it with my family. Haha. Again, we got the Bomb Alaska and it was better than the first time I had it!

Danny, Keila, Kayne

Sunday we had baby Irisa’s baby blessing in South Auckland. Ivy had her blessing dress made from her wedding dress and it was cute. Irisa is getting bigger everytime we see her! She is still so delicious, I love it.

The Pilling’s

Ivy’s youngest sisters, Irma and Isis. I can never remember who is who but they are cute!

Just another selfie. It was so hot my face was melting and my hair was a mess.


He loves his new neice so much!

Some of Irisa’s aunties

Our model faces. Vogue can hire us when they can afford us.

Last night (Monday) we got to catch up with our group at dinner. We got Indian from a place in Mission Bay called Masala. It was such a nice view from where we sat too. If it weren’t for the trees we would’ve got an awesome sunset!

Our group! Keith was just showing off.

It’s the end of the month already and the year is going by way too fast. But I don’t mind because that means our trip to Canada will be here in no time and I’m dying with excitement for that!


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