The Tari’s in Ruakaka


This Easter my family booked a holiday home up in Ruakaka, 2 hours north of Auckland. It was so much fun! We arrived Friday afternoon, set our things up, ate and then fell asleep watching a movie. Mum and Dad went out fishing every night but unfortunately didn’t get any fish big enough to bring home.

Ruakaka is a beautiful place. It’s a really small town that only has a couple of shops but is surrounded by the bluest seas. We spent most of Saturday at the beach. The family swam and we played a bit of Touch Rugby and some running races.

Vinnie is getting really good at rugby. Mum has put them in to a team and they are loving it.

Danny JUST beat me. Just.

But then I raced Bryton and I won. Without cheating.

 Can you tell they’re twins?

They loved being buried in the sand. We tried to leave them their but they dug their way out!

Vinnie learnt how to work the selfie stick. I have 100+ photos of his facials.
We also had an Easter Egg hunt which the boys LOVED! They filled their bags up with chocolate eggs.

Of course I was going to get in on it too!

Saturday night us kids played some Nurts and Scrabble. We were up past midnight both Saturday and Sunday nights playing games and eating junk food. That’s the only way to enjoy a holiday!!

This is what you do when you win the game and they keep playing – take photos

Bryton and I attended Bream Bay Branch on Sunday. They meet in a house which wasn’t too far from where we were staying. When we pulled up to the house Bryton said “wouldn’t it be funny if we saw someone we knew here?” I doubted it because we were literally in the middle of nowhere. But guess what? The first face I see when I walk inside is a girl who is in my old ward! How crazy.

Levi got on that selfie stick craze too

Before we left Ruakaka we went down to the beach (which was about a 2 minute walk – if that – from where we stayed) and got lots of photos.

Today Bryton and I also celebrated our 4 year anniversary since we started dating! We’ve always celebrated this date, April 6th. And in just over a week we celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary! We grabbed some Hell’s Pizza and ate it at some random beach in Whangaparoa on the way home. I’m a very lucky woman to have this man by my side for so long.

It’s nice to be home, especially back in our own bed and with wifi! Haha being without it was really nice and refreshing, but it is so necessary!

For scripture study tonight we read about the Atonement, the Crucifixion, and the Resurrection of the Savior. How grateful I am to have the power of the Atonement and the knowledge of the resurrection. Because of the Savior I can be with my family forever. Because of Him my marriage will not end at death, but will endure through the eternities. God’s Grace is sufficient for ALL. I have a strong testimony of this and of the unconditional and infinite love of the Father for us, His children. I have much to be grateful for.


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