Anniversary Weekend

Happy Anniversary to my darling husband! Friday ended up being really really busy. I had so much I needed to do before we left for the weekend and it just didn’t feel like I had enough time.

I picked Bryton up from work early and we headed straight down to Hamilton. We decided that going to the temple on our wedding anniversary would be a great way to celebrate being married. We are so blessed because we are able to be in the same place we were married in. We did the evening session and then checked in to our motel afterwards. We had made reservations at a restaurant in the city but their kitchen closes at 9am (which is super early by the way) and by the time we got there it was too late. Town was packed and most of the restaurants were closing up – disappointing, Hamilton!

So guess what we did? We went to the supermarket, picked up some treats, stopped at McDonald’s and grabbed our favourite burgers, headed back to the motel and ate bad food on the couch. It was perfect!!

My bosses (who are such an awesome example of a happy marriage) do traditional anniversary gifts and I was talking to them about it last year. Bryton and I decided to do the same thing. It’s also easier to have some theme or idea to a gift because you have something to work with. The first wedding anniversary is paper.

I thought long and hard about mine. Last year my boss told me that I should already be thinking about it because some things take time to get/make. Well I should’ve listened. I decided to make a book. 365 Memories, Gratitude’s (I made that word up), and Things I love about Being Married to Bryton.

I came up with the idea about 3 weeks before our anniversary and completed the day of. Haha. I’m very good at procrastinating. I love Bryton and we have so many fun memories, but when you’re trying to think of 365 things, all of a sudden the brain breaks down. But I’m glad I did it and Bryton loves it.

I love that you still think I’m skinny”

But that wasn’t all I got him:

I know he’s been keen on the Backstreet Boys for ages so I wanted to get him tickets to go. But I don’t like the Backstreet Boys and I didn’t want to go to the concert. So I organized for a bunch of our friends, including his sister, to go with him so I didn’t have to go. I know it sounds like I was trying to get out of it (which I was) but I knew he’d have more fun going with people who actually like the band and who really want to be there.

Bryton is quite the artist. He hasn’t done any art work for me. But for our anniversary he made me this amazing portrait of our favourite quote by Robert Browning.

He used indian ink and watercolour canvas to create it. He also spent hours on it and was a bit worried that I wouldn’t like it. But I LOVEΒ it!!!! I cannot wait for us to move out so I have walls to hang out things on. This is going to be a main feature in our home for the rest of our lives.

Over the weekend we got to spend lots of time with my family. My uncle was up from Gisborne and my aunty arrived from Australia. It was awesome to get a couple of minutes with everyone.

Bryton and I also got time to go to the Chocolate Lounge because I’ve been craving it for weeks now!

I love my husband and I love being married to him. Here’s to another great year!


We spent a lot of time eating. Don’t judge us. We’re in love.
When we checked out of the motel the manager gave us a bottle of wine and a discount on the room because it was our anniversary. Bryton didn’t want to be rude and not take it so it’s rolling around in the back of our car because we don’t know what to do with it.

This is probably half of my extended family.
Team Pilling.


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