April 2015 – Highlights

I am so excited! I was sat here looking through the blog wishing I had something to write about until I came to the March highlights and was like “HEY! I CAN WRITE SOMETHING!” I cannot believe that it is MAY already! Whaaaat? I haven’t had anything to blog about recently because life has been pretty ave (average. Keep up with the lingo haha) lately. Also, I’ve a 4500 word report due on Tuesday and I’ve written about 600 words hahaha. Zero motivation and zero focus. So I want to blog.

APRIL!Β Started out quite a fun month.

My family spent Easter weekend in Ruakaka. Perfect family weekend away.

General Conference was pretty special. My prayers were answered.

Here are a couple of my favourite quotes from the sessions:

Due to my personal family situation, Elder Nielson’s talk really hit home for me and answered all my prayers.

Bryton and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! What a wonderful first year it’s been. I’m so blessed to have a husband like him. Almost everyday I wonder what the heck Heavenly Father was thinking. Because I certainly married up, but unfortunately Bryton didn’t (sorry, Bryton). He reminds me everyday exactly why I fell in love with him.

We also celebrated ANZAC day last weekend. I didn’t blog about it but we had a fun time. We went to the dawn service at the Auckland museum early Saturday morning. Afterwards we had a delicious breakfast with Keith and then we spent the rest of the day napping πŸ™‚ We were lucky because we also got the Monday off from work as a public holiday. It was just so perfect getting to spend the day off with my cute husband.

We also got to visit with my Nana at her ward on Sunday and my friend Chelsea is now in the same ward so it was awesome catching up with her too!Β 

To end our highlights for this month I thought I’d post this hilarious picture. It pretty much sums up how I’m feeling right now. I don’t like being at uni. I need a haircut. I’ve put on weight because I’m pregnant… Hahaha just kidding, I’ve put on weight because I keep eating. My life is a mess and I need to sort my stuff out haha.

Auf Wiedersehen



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