The lesson I learned from pizza & fries

I’m really good at throwing tantrums. Long story short, a month ago I was having a bad day – we had an early morning and as a result I was tired and grumpy – and I didn’t want to go somewhere. But Bryton went anyway. So I went out, got some chocolate and a 2L bottle of Banana milkshake. I also ordered a delicious cheese pizza and for once I got their fries too. Just because.

I got home and ate my feelings and boy it felt good!! That night I told Bryton next time we get pizza we should order the fries too.


Today during work Bryton messaged me to see what we were having for dinner. He suggested that we get pizza so I left it up to him to order. On my way to pick him up after work, I remembered how good the fries were and decided to ask him if we could order some. When I got to his work and asked him he simply said “I already ordered them.”


Bryton has a terrible memory and I don’t feel bad about saying that out loud. When I asked him why he ordered the chips he told me he remembered that I said we should get some.


I was in shock. Seriously surprised. This kind of thing never happens! This sounds like a silly kind of thing to blog about but it taught me a lesson.

Never underestimate your spouse.

Being married isn’t a state. You don’t get married and think “sweet, I’ve done it. I’m married. I’m done.” No. Haha not at all. Marriage is a process of learning. I don’t think you get to a point in your marriage when you know everything. Marriage is an experience when you constantly grow in love. Experiences, no matter how small, influence the stability of your relationship.

I thought I had Bryton 101 down. I thought I knew him perfectly. Turns out I don’t. Turns out I have much more to learn about him throughout eternity.


Well the fries were delicious and we finished the packet before we got home. They were a wise choice.


3 thoughts on “The lesson I learned from pizza & fries

  1. Bahahaha are you the only one that didn’t know that Bryton was going to remember the fries? Everyone knows that šŸ˜› miss you two! Just leaving some love on your blog lovely ā¤


    1. Hahaha I know, I should’ve known. He loves food so much, I shouldn’t have been surprised. I’m trying out wordpress. Our blog is still on blogspot but I’m liking the look of the wordpress templates. I haven’t actually sent out the new link for the wordpress blog. You’re the only person looking at this one hahaha. Missing you!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I was going to say, thought you changed your theme of your blog! But that explains šŸ™‚ I’m still trying to decide the best theme for my blog, but I think I’ll give it time once I’ve got a good grip of blogging. Ooh I feel heaps special knowing about this unreleased blog hahaha can’t wait to Skype you one day my dear! ā¤


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