I’m Such a Mormon

The other day my mum emailed me and asked what we had planned for this weekend. I explained everything that we had on:

-Stake Beehives & Deacons activity Friday night that Bryton had to help run
-Visiting Teaching on Saturday afternoon
-Ward activity Saturday evening
-I was asked to make a pot of soup for our ward conference (thank goodness for my kind husband for fulfilling this assignment for me)
-Ward conference Sunday and Bryton had to teach the Young Men’s
-Stake Fireside (which I thought was happening but turned out I made that up)

 Today after church we had soup and buns to end ward conference. The Young Women’s had to serve the food so I was up there with my designated pot of soup. As I stood up at the tables I reflected on my weekend and the moment I was currently in and had this thought:

“I’m such a Mormon.”

We had lots of church assignments this past week and I felt like one of those Mormon women who are really busy giving service (but I’m really not at the same level as them) and I LOVED it. Today in sacrament meeting, our Bishop spoke about service. It touched me so deeply because I’ve recently been feeling like I’m losing myself. I’m struggling to remember who I am and I don’t like it. Our Bishop shared a message that I had forgotten about: When you lose yourself in the service of others, you find yourself.

What a simple but powerful message that was exactly what I needed to hear.

The new Stake Young Women’s President taught Young Women’s today and we had to go around the room and say one thing we love and one thing we struggle with. My first thoughts were the same as our Young Women’s Secretary: “I love to eat and I struggle because I eat too much.” But after some of the Young Women shared some rather serious ones, I thought I’d better do the same.

My name is Kayne. I’m a wife, a big sister, a psychopathic blogger, I love organizing things, I struggle with kids, and I’m a Mormon.


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