June 2015 – Highlights

It’s the first of July and I can write something on the blog! We haven’t really had anything super exciting going on recently which is why I haven’t blogged for a few weeks.

Here are our June highlights.

We’ve been trying to have monthly date nights with Bryton’s parents. Last time we went to the movies and saw Insurgent. I guess you could call our trip to Canada as a date as well haha. But this month we went to Burger Burger. Bryton and I love that place but when we took his parents, our burgers weren’t cooked properly which was such a bummer.

An awful Snapchat photo. I know they won’t like this haha.

UNI IS DONE! June is crazy for university because it’s the end of the semester so all of the last assignments are due and then we have exams. My last exam was on the 19th and I’m so happy it’s over. I’m not going to uni next semester because we are going away for 6 weeks. I also don’t feel bad about that because I really want a holiday and I really don’t want to be at uni any more. I only have 2 more papers to go until I finish for good though.

I celebrated the end of the semester with lunch with my husband at a place by his work. We were both so hungry that we forgot to take photos.

That night my work had a social club event. We went to Escape Masters in the city and it was so much fun! We split into 2 teams and competed to see who would get out first. My team got the hardest room. It was insane. We had to binary and math and a bunch of different puzzles. It was so hard! Well we got out in 45 minutes and we beat the other team!


WE AGENTS in the Cyber Crime room

WE NINJAS in the Alien Abduction room


Ā We finished off with some dinner at Tony’s and that was good. A bit disappointed with my dry chocolate lovers cake though.


That night there was also a party at our house for one of the YSA guys in our ward. It was a lot of fun. Some of the YSA set up their band equipment in the living room and started playing their own music. They are so talented. There was so much food. If I hadn’t just eaten, I would’ve stuffed my face.

Sorry, you’ve gotta get my Snapchat photos
Last Saturday we went to Hamilton. It was nice to be in the temple again. We also got to spend time with my family. We hadn’t seen them in almost 2 months and that’s the longest I’d gone without seeing them. It was crazy to think that I’d been to Canada more recently than I’d been to Hamilton! Dad made a delicious lunch for us – of course. My brothers have grown up so much! They are both so big and tall. Vinnie was giving me lots of cuddles, but Levi just doesn’t like loving people. Only when we have treats for him. They are really strong and love playing tackles and fighting. Now they are getting to the stage where they can actually hurt me and I fear for my life hahaha.

These three went out for dinner that night for a Matariki fundraiser thing. I have no idea.
Bryton and I are doing the 21 day corporate challenge at Les Mills. My body hurts so bad haha. It’s good though. We got our gym programme last night so we actually know what to do when we get there. Last week all we did was cardio because we didn’t know what else to do. It’s helping though. I played my second game of netball for the season on Monday and I lasted the entire game! My first game was two weeks ago and I could barely last the first quarter. Well since that game we’ve been going for runs (and by “runs” I been casual walks) and going to the gym (twice). So you could probably call me fit now.

Our 21 days finish in a week and a half. Wish us luck!

Bryton’s mum brought this scarf back for me from Canada. It was
Grandma Pilling’s and I love it!

Team Pilling

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