I’m not a Mum

This weekend we’ve had my little brothers stay with us. It has been a lot of fun especially because they haven’t stayed with us for a few months. Apparently they love staying with us but I don’t really understand why. Whenever they stay with us we never get enough sleep, we are usually late to church, and I forget I’m supposed to feed them.

This weekend I learned I’m no mum.

Well I guess I didn’t learn that this weekend. I’ve always known I’m not good with kids. This weekend really just reminded me how useless I am with them haha.

Firstly, I’m ridiculously boring. I’m not good at having or making fun with kids. When I picked the boys up we were stuck in traffic for a good two hours. The entire time. I tried to think of ways to make the trip less dreadful. All I came up with was getting them to sing the songs they learn at kohanga. This took up about 8 minutes. Pathetic.

I’ve also been feeling really sick for the past week and that is no good when you are looking after kids. All month I’ve been looking forward to taking the boys to see the Matariki kites at Orakei marae. Yesterday morning I woke up and it was stormy!! The rain and wind were so bad but I didn’t want to keep the boys inside all weekend.

Β Luckily I checked the weather and there was going to be sunshine for about 3 hours. So we packed up the boys and headed out the Mission Bay around lunch time. And the kites were out! We had soup and fried bread and looked around at the kites. The boys enjoyed it.

Then we went to Parakai Springs and the boys loved that too!! They had so much fun swimming around and I’m so glad those pools are hot because the weather was freezing!

At the end of the day I felt like vomiting and that is no fun at all!

Well the boys have been sharing a single blow up mattress. They are both way too big for that thing and the first night Levi actually fell off. Whenever they stay here I always get really paranoid and wake up a million times a night to make sure they’re warm, comfortable, and breathing (haha). Last night they both got up at separate times and stood next to our bed. Have you ever woken up to the silhouette of a kid just standing there in the dark. It’s flippen creepy!! They ended up sleeping in our bed and by the morning Bryton was on the air mattress.

Our sleeps for the last two nights have been uncomfortable and short lived. This morning we all woke up late. It can take me an hour and a half (on average) to get myself ready for church. Long story short, we were 15 minutes late to church and already restless by the time we arrived. I’m not cut out for this.

I don’t know how mum’s do it. I love my brothers so much and I love having them visit us. But man, I am useless!! I already feel sorry for the children Heavenly Father wants to send to me.

One last thing, I’m really into the whole Leviisms and Vinnisms but I don’t get that much time with them to record much. But when we were stuck in traffic when I picked them up, it was the funniest thing. They’ve Β never really been stuck in traffic like that before because they live in Hamilton. And Hamilton’s traffic is NOTHING compared to Auckland’s. They don’t really grasp the concept of traffic, so when they noticed that we weren’t moving Levi said “go faster … are we nearly there?” When I said I couldn’t move because there were too many cars Vinnie simply said “just move the car.” Haha. They are so tiny and so naive – I just love them to pieces!!


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