July 2015 – Highlights

It’s already August and I cannot believe how fast this year is going. We’re into the 8th month of the year, which means only 4 months left. That’s crazy!! I felt like I’ve accomplished nothing this year. But I am really excited that we are going on a big trip next month! I can’t wait to be out of here!

At the beginning of July we had a temple trip with our group. It was really cool to be in there with them. But of course they had a lot of deep conversations while we were in there. I guess that’s what makes us such good friends anyway.

We also visited this dessert place on our way home that night. Keith told us about this delicious chocolate dessert they had so we knew we had to try it out. He wasn’t lying when he said it was rich. Even thinking about it now makes me feel sick. Don’t get me wrong, it was so good. But too much.Ā 

The deadly dessert

I already wrote a blogpost about this, but we also had my little brothers come and stay with us for the weekend. I was really sick but so determined to not let it ruin our weekend. We took them to the marae up by Mission Bay because they had some kites up there. The boys loved it! The kites were so big!

Afterwards we took them to Parakai Hot Springs. It was raining and freezing but the boys had so much fun!

That is literally the only fun we had in July. I was pretty sick for most of it so we didn’t get out and do much. It was awful really.Ā 


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