TOFW – 2015

Every two years we have an event called Time Out For Women (TOFW). I have been to every one since it started in New Zealand 5 years ago and I have loved them all. Today was my 3rd TOFW conference and, as expected, I had an amazing time. Every time I go I receive different revelation for different situations in my life. My first TOFW experience lifted me spiritually during a difficult time in my life. My second TOFW experience I got to attend with my mum and I received more revelation about the Atonement. Today I expected to go receiving more revelation and inspiration to kick-start another spiritual spurt. But I didn’t quite receive the “spiritual strength” I was expecting.

Rather, I walked away more comfortable and happy with my current life situation and more in love with my husband. I didn’t receive “spiritual strength” as such, but I received a deeper understanding and love for family, in particular, my very own family.

I want to share a few points I learnt from the TOFW presenters today.

If it’s important to you, it’s important to me.

Elaine Dalton – Becoming an Elect Woman

* Arise to your divine potential
* “When you save a girl, you save generations” – President Gordon B. Hinckley
* Virtue is a pattern of thought and behaviour based on high moral standards
* The ten commandments are not ten suggestions. They are non-negotiable – President Thomas S. Monson
* Our covenants will help tether us to the Lord. Cleave to your covenants
* Teach your children to cleave to their covenants.

Sandra Turley – Changed for Good

Sandra Turley was incredible. She was a broadway performer and you could totally tell. She had the talent for it for sure. I loved even more that she sang a Phantom of the Opera song!

* Our relationship with Heavenly Father today is different to how it was when we first met Him
* The lyrics “There will never be a day when I won’t think of you” from the Phantom of the Opera song, Think of Me, can also be a way to think about how our Heavenly Father feels about his relationship with us
* Be grateful for motherhood.

Heidi S. Swinton – LEAD Kindly Light

* Recognize what the Lord has put in your hands
* It is a great blessing to be the answer to someone’s prayer
* “…difficulties allow us to change for the better, to rebuild our lives” – President Thomas S. Monson.

Melanie Riwai-Couch – Living Proof

* Are you doing what God wants you to be doing?
* Our lives are not lived by chance.

Brad Wilcox – If you can laugh about it, you can live with it

* The ups and downs in life lets us know we are living
* A merry heart doeth good like medicine – Proverbs 17:22
* Kids know how to keep a good perspective
* Build relationships with a sense of humour
* “A person without a sense of humour misses out on most of the joys in life” – President David O. McKay
* “God is the happiest of men” – Heber C. Kimball
* Be happy and find joy

Sheri L. Dew – Sweet Above All That is Sweet

* I don’t ever want to be the reason someone decided not to follow the Saviour
* There are divine laws that govern access to heaven
* Questions are GOOD
* When you have questions, go to a true source and it can lead to revelation
* Are you willing to engage in the wrestle?
* Have we pleaded with the Lord to help us with our questions?
* The doctrine of the Atonement is a doctrine of healing
* It is worth engaging in the wrestle when you have questions.

I loved that I got to share this experience with my best friend.

I am living proof that the Atonement is real. I am living proof that our trials do not define us and that the gospel brings true happiness. I am living proof of a living and loving God.


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