August 2015 – Highlights

I know August isn’t over yet, but I’m bored and the next 2 weeks are going to be super busy so I thought I’d get my highlights done tonight.

This month was pretty busy. We spent the first weekend in Hamilton with my family and that was really nice. I love it because when I haven’t been home in a while and I know my dad is missing me, he’ll make a really nice meal! And that weekend he made boil up. Oh my gosh. I can’t even explain. Half of you won’t even know what a boil up is. It’s a New Zealand/Maori dish. Full of pork bones, watercress, potatoes, and my favourite – dough boys. I’d been wanting boil up for the longest time and it was so good to have it again. We also got to visit Huntly ward, which is the ward I grew up in. It had been a while since I visited my friends there so I thought while we were in Hamilton we should go and visit Huntly ward. It was really nice to be there again. So many new faces but there were still some oldies that I knew.

Vinnie has delicious lips and loves posing.

Β We also had my work social club function. It was a lot of fun because this time we got to invite our partners. Most work functions we have it’s just our team so it was really nice to meet everyone’s partners and especially to have my sweetheart with me. We played 2 games of laser strike and went to dinner at a client’s Italian restaurant. Laser strike was so much fun!! Britney, Bryton, Kalala and I were all in the same team. We won the first game! Amazing because I have never been in a winning team for laser strike before haha. I can’t remember what I came overall though. I think it was 6th or something. But that’s out of 14 players so ahem that’s pretty impressive for me. The second game was so intense because one of the other teams kept guard over their base and I kept trying to shoot it so they just kept shooting at me. Our team ended up coming last but I stayed in the top half coming 5th or something. I know, I was so impressive.
After laser strike we went to an Italian just around the corner. One of our accounting clients owns it so it was really nice to have the team eat there. The food was pretty good, although I was having bad luck with my choices. Everything I picked wasn’t very nice and I didn’t end up eating much.
It was such a fun night though!! The whole team and our partners enjoyed it.

In the middle of August we also had Time Out For Women (TOFW). I’ve posted about this already and it was so great. I watched one of the DVDs I bought and I am still reading one of the many books. I did learn a lot from the experience and it was really great.

Bryton and I have a goal to go to the temple at least once a month. Our stake temple day is the first Saturday of the month but in August I was really sick so we didn’t go. Last week we decided to go as it was our only free weekend left for the month. So we headed down – even skipping Mama’s Donuts along the way so we could make it in time – only to get to the temple and see it was closed. Haha it was so funny.

So we stopped in to get a donut from the Temple View trailer (because when you’re in Hamilton you NEED to get these donuts), and headed to my family’s house. We spent the day with them and it was really nice. Again, my dad made a delicious meal. Roast Pork. Man, I know I can’t cook and I definitely get that from my mum, but my dad is honestly, seriously, the best cook I know. Hand on heart. I eat out a lot but nothing is nearly as good as dad’s home cooked meals. Sheesh. But may I also point out that I made the mashed potatoes and those were pretty dang good too!!

This weekend Bryton has been really busy with his calling. He hasn’t had any counsellors so he’s been planning this Stake Young Men’s activity weekend. Luckily he has a really helpful high counsellor to help him out. He’s been really stressed about the weekend and he’s at a fireside right now. It’s the last thing he needs to do for it and I know once it’s done he’ll been a lot more relaxed. He’s the kind of person who makes simple things really complicated and because he’s not a very organized person, the job becomes really difficult. I try to help him out but man he stresses me out haha. I love the man. He is so diligent and he loves the Lord.

We have a lot of Bryton’s family visiting from overseas this coming week. It’s gonna be hectic around here but of course it’ll be great to see them. We have no free evenings at all before we leave for our trip. I can’t wait to get to Vegas, sit in a hot bath, and relax. Because we both really need it.

Goodbye, Winter!


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