Angel of Music

My sweet Nana introduced me to musicals. When I was a kid and stayed at her place, she put on The Sound of Music and I fell in love. I also grew up watching Mary Poppins. Julie Andrews is one of my favourite actresses. For my 16th or 17th birthday my Nana wanted to take me to a show and she bought us tickets to The Phantom of the Opera. I watched the movie for the first time before we went to the show and I really loved it. So when we went to the live performance, I was so impressed and have loved musicals ever since.

Tonight Bryton’s work conference held a concert at one of the Piers. They had the Foo Fighters and The Killers perform and a couple of other bands. I wasn’t keen so I bought myself a ticket to The Phantom of the Opera instead. I have no regrets. The theaters that hold these performances are always so amazing. This one had really cool old features along the walls and ceiling. Anyway, because I was going by myself they had a single seat pretty close to the front. It was great, but I think next time I will have to make sure I’m up on the balcony so I can see the orchestra. The orchestra is one of my favourite things about the theatre. I love the sounds several instruments can make. I LOVE to watch the conductor wave his arms around so elegantly and control the production of something so beautiful. I can close my eyes and hear the different instruments. It’s amazing to me that every instrument can produce a different sound but together they create such a unique harmony. I just love it so much.

This is the third time I’ve been to The Phantom of the Opera. My Nana took me to my first ever performance for my birthday. We saw it at the Civic Center in Auckland. About 2 or 3 years ago Bryton and I flew down to Wellington and saw it again at the St James Theater. And when we arrived in San Francisco I found out they were performing here and I could not pass up the opportunity.

Out of all three performances I think the one in Auckland was my favourite. The set design was so much better than Wellington and San Francisco. Maybe the Civic Center has the ability to do things that the other theaters can’t. That’s my guess anyway.

The performers in this cast were really good. I loved the Phantom and Raoul. Although I think the Phantom in Wellington was definitely my favourite. Carlotta was also really really good in this cast. But I think I was a little disappointed by Christine. She seemed quite young and her voice wasn’t quite strong enough in my opinion. Although she was great at dancing. Haha I sound like I’m a critic or a professional theater performer but I’m nothing of the sort!! I just appreciate the theater and I’m obsessed with the Phantom.

I’m so so happy I got to go to this show tonight! It was definitely a better decision than going to the Foo Fighters because that’s not me at all! I didn’t get too many photos but I sure did have a great night. Even if I was a loner.


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