Sin City

 On Saturday we flew out of San Francisco and landed in Las Vegas. We arrived about 9am and it was super hot!!! San Francisco was hot, but this was deadly. I couldn’t believe it. Las Vegas surprised me. It was so clean and a lot nicer than I expected. I loved that even though there were lots of buildings, they didn’t overpower the scenery and you could see clearly the mountains in the background. Although there was no, and I mean NO, greenery, the view was still really beautiful!

Driving down the strip for the first time

I thought my little brothers would love this.

The view from our room

We stayed at Rio hotel on our first night there. It was a nightmare. Bryton didn’t want to do valet so we had to take our massive suitcases through the hotel. We had no idea where we were going and ended up having to walk right around the entire casino because the hotel lobby was on the other side – I was so angry haha. Anyway, as soon as we got to our room, we crashed. We had planned to go out to the strip and do some exploring, but we were so exhausted. Jet lag and the lack of sleep for the entire week had finally caught up to us and we slept for half of the day haha.

That night we went to see the Cirque du Soleil show O. Wow. Those performers are so dang talented!!! They could do anything. I was really impressed.


In the lobby of the theatre they had a bunch of these different statues. The picture below shows how those statues are made. Isn’t it crazy!? Some actually sculpts real performers to make these statues. I had no idea!

The costumes were equally as impressive as the performing. I couldn’t believe how flexible these people were. O is the water show. The entire centre of the stage is a pool. The set design was incredible. The technology they use must be so advanced. I don’t know how they got things to move at certain times etc. It was all really mind blowing.

After the show we were pretty hungry. We also needed to sort out what we were going to do for food on the Sunday because we really didn’t want to break the Sabbath and spend money. Bryton had been going on and on about this Buffet of Buffet’s thing for MONTHS. Seriously, months. You could get a pass from a selection of hotels that were a part of it. Then you could eat at any of those hotel buffets for 24 hours. After the show we headed back to our hotel and bought a buffet pass. We ate dinner at our hotel buffet, the next morning we went to the Paris hotel, and then for dinner we went to Planet Hollywood. It was all so good but probably pretty bad for you too haha. No regrets though! We kept the Sabbath Day Holy!

On Sunday we were late to church because we were stuffing our faces at the buffet. Honestly, the food was amazing! At church we met the Bishop and he was actually from New Zealand. He was born at Middlemore hospital and raised in Christchurch but then his family moved over to the States. It was crazy! That was the second person at church over here that has some connection to NZ. The people were really lovely. One thing we have been asked several times while on this trip is if we are here on our honeymoon haha. One lady in the ward we visited asked if we just got married because we look so young and cute. When I told her we’ve been married for almost a year and a half she was like “oh, do you have any kids?” Haha. Hahaha. Um, no. Not all Mormons have babies as soon as they get married!

After church we drove out to the temple. It was really beautiful because out by the temple is a long mountain spanning the edge. The weather was ridiculously hot, I think it was about 37 degrees actually. So I didn’t want to stay outside for too long. There was a spot at the temple that if you stood on it, just this tiny spot on the side of the temple, and if you turned towards the temple and said something it would sound normal, but once you faced the opposite direction and said something again, it would echo in your own head. Some other visitors there told us about it and we tried it out and it actually worked!! It freaked me out! They said it might have been similar technology (I don’t know if that is the right word to use though) to the stuff King Benjamin had in his time so his words could be heard. But I’m not sure about that because no one else can hear the echo, only you.

We also moved hotels and stayed at The Trump for the rest of our time in Vegas. That hotel was SO. NICE. It was so much better than the Rio. Although Rio was really nice, it really irritated me that people can smoke indoors and there was a big casino. The smoke was really disgusting and made even the nice hotels seem cheap. As soon as we arrived at The Trump we noticed the difference. The lobby was clean and fresh and smelt AMAZING. It actually reminded me of the Nathan’s house every time we walked in. It had a similar smell, like perfume or something. But this hotel was super classy. In the bathroom in our room there was even a TV in the mirror. Like, what?

Monday was insane. We caught the free shuttle from our hotel to the strip. It took us to Caesar’s Palace. We walked through it and it felt like we were in Paris. They had heaps of statues everywhere and they all looked really cool.

We went to Serendipity 3. I recommend this place to everyone! I got a footlong hot dog. Don’t judge. And we shared a frozen hot chocolate. Wow. Their portion sizes are like Poly sizes. They were HUGE. No complaints from me though.

We decided that it was way too hot to walk along the strip so we picked up our rental car from the hotel and drove to the outlet mall nearby. Bryton actually spent a lot more than I did! Haha. It was really cool to see. He got a bunch of clothes that he needed and he kept saying “oh, I’ve got 3 t-shirts. That’s too much” Haha. Um. I really wanted a Michael Kors bag. I’ve wanted one for a long time but they’re just so expensive. Well we went into the Michael Kors store and they had a huge sale so I ended up being able to get a bag for 45% off. I know!!! I KNOW!

That night we decided it would be a perfect time to go out to the strip. It wasn’t too hot (although it was still around 25 degrees) and we wanted to see all the lights and the fountain show. The Bellagio hotel has a fountain show outside the front of it every few minutes. It was awesome to see. Along the strip they have lots of people dressed up in different costumes. When we saw the group of Avengers I HAD to get a photo with them for Levi and Vinnie. They are OBSESSED with the Avengers! I was actually really excited about it too. We didn’t walk too far but we got enough photos and we were both really exhausted so headed back to the hotel. We also really needed to get back to pack because we had an early flight the next morning.

I LOVED Vegas. I didn’t think I would. Of course there were parts of it I didn’t like, like the casinos and indoor smoking and half nude woman. But it was so pretty and so clean and so much fun!! Bryton and I definitely want to visit again for a longer amount of time. We had originally planned to do the ziplines but we just ran out of time! I was a bit bummed but I know Bryton was relieved because he’s such a wimp hahaha. I love him to pieces though!

Vegas, we’ll be back! Maybe when it’s not so hot though.


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