The Big Apple

With Aunt Jenny and Uncle John

On Tuesday evening we got to New York. We caught the taxi to Aunt Jenny’s and Uncle John’s apartment and the city was hectic!! There were millions of cars everywhere and they were all tooting their horns. I was going crazy!

We arrived at the apartment and it felt so good. Uncle John serves in the temple presidency of the Manhattan temple and their apartment is literally right next to the temple. It was so good to leave Vegas and be so close to the temple! I loved it! We ate tuna salad for dinner – which was perfect to counter all the nasty unhealthy food we’d been eating. Aunt Jenny took us up to the roof of their apartment building and it was so beautiful!! By this time it was night and all the lights of the city were bright (not as bright as Vegas though). We then went for a walk around some of the city. It was around 10pm and there were still people everywhere!!

Note: These photos have uploaded in random order and I really cannot be bothered sorting them through properly haha. So common sense is needed when scrolling through these photos.

The next morning we went back to the roof and took more photos. What a view!
These next photos were taken along the highline. There is an old railway track that runs above the city downtown and instead of letting it go to waste, they’ve created a garden walkway. It goes on forever but it was a nice walk through this concrete jungle!

I love how New York puts gardens and greenery everywhere it can. Although they don’t have much space to have a back yard or a garden, they still put plants etc on their rooftops and in random places.

Along the highline they had a set up of miniature Lego buildings.

That’s the Hudson river.

For our time in New York we bought city passes to see different attractions. While we were downtown we decided to go to Empire State Building. Not gonna lie, it wasn’t that great, but at least I can say I’ve been there! I liked the view from Uncle John and Aunt Jenny’s apartment much better. There are just so many buildings in the city it looks like any other city to be honest. Being up there reminded me of the movie Sleepless in Seattle. I need to get Bryton to watch it with me!

The random upload of photos means everything is out of sequence. But on Wednesday Aunt Jenny and Uncle John had the day off so they took us around New York. We caught the subway downtown to get half price tickets to Phantom of the Opera.

Uncle John stood in the line for tickets for us. It was so hot and he had to wait so long and we are really grateful. I was SOOOOOOOO excited to be seeing Phantom again! They had so many other shows available but we could not pass up the opportunity to see Phantom on Broadway! Aunt Jenny was so shocked and tried to convince us to see The King and I, but no one can change my mind when it comes to Phantom of the Opera. Except for maybe a good Valjean haha.

While poor Uncle John waited in line for us, Aunt Jenny took us down to South Street Seaport. Okay, so we reallyΒ lucked out with the weather here in NYC. Every single day we’ve had really beautiful sunny weather with a bit of a breeze. The above photo was taken down on the pier and the Brooklyn bridge runs along the left of this photo. Aunt Jenny and Uncle John both know so much about this city. They’ve lived in Manhattan for 3 years now. We were so grateful they could show us around and tell us about the city.

After we got our tickets we walked along Wall Street. Nothing there really appealed to me exceptΒ for the chocolate shop! I’m not sure what it was called because it was something fancy and French. But the chocolate was delicious and the store was set out like a jewellery store – so luxurious.
New York Stock Exchange and my nerdy husband.

A blurry picture of one of the presidents.

This cathedral is quite close to the World Trade Centre. The tree in the above picture was painted and made into a sculpture.

Oh my gosh, okay, so Aunt Jenny took us to a place called Chelsea Market for lunch. We all went to different places and Bryton and I found this sandwich place. I got a grilled chicken sandwich and it was so so so delicious!!! I couldn’t believe how excited I got over a SANDWICH!!! I was keen to go back again during our trip but it was quite a journey down and we didn’t really have time.

The apartment is so close to everything. Right next door is the temple. At one end of the street is the Hudson river and on the other end (which is maybe 100m from the apartment) is Central Park. Across the road are a couple of food carts. I love how there are millions of the around the city! I guess they make up for the lack of dairies around. On our way back to the apartment on Wednesday we stopped at the waffle cart and Bryton and I shared a waffle with ice cream, strawberries, and chocolate. Dang. So so delicious!

The night we caught the subway to Times Square (a 5 minute trip from the apartment). It was PACKED! The show was at 8pm and I think the square was probably more packed than Hamilton on a BUSY day. It was so full. Well, the show was AMAZING. It was so similar to the one I saw in Auckland the first time. The set was perfect, they had the moving chandelier (which is the game changer for me). The entire cast was really impressive except for Carlotta. I didn’t really like her voice. But the Phantom, Raoul, and Christina were great! I’m so excited we got to see it again! We are so lucky.

More posts about our time in New York will be done as soon as I get time. But right now I need to pack so we can make our next flight tonight!!


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