The City that NEVER Sleeps

The day before we left New York Aunt Jenny and Uncle John took us through the North part of Central Park. Friday was a nightmare. The Pope was going through Central Park and the police had blocked off most of the side streets, including the one we were staying on. And to get through you needed a ticket. Apparently it was to control the amount of people getting through because EVERYONE wanted to see the Pope. Well not me. I was sick of the Pope haha.

We got to north Central Park and found a cute cottage. I’ve forgotten the name of it already.

We also found Shakespeare Garden. There are random Shakespeare quotes hidden in the garden. There is a stadium type thing in the garden too where they hold free plays. The pathway also leads up to a castle that we were able to go up to. While we were walking up we could hear some music playing by Coldplay. We kinda just thought that it might have been some random people playing some music. When we got to the top of the castle we got a really pretty view of the city and the park. There was a stage set up and when we asked one of the workers what was going on she said there was a big concert happening the following night. Pearl Jam, Beyonce, and Coldplay were all performing and they were doing sound checks when we heard them.

She’s quite the poser. She was facing the other way and I called out to her and she spun around like this!

After the castle we walked to the Guggenheim. We had passes to get in and Bryton really wanted to go. I am really not into museums, but my husband comes shopping with me all the time so I thought I’d go to this museum with him. Well. It was so boring haha. When we got there the guy told us the spiral was closed but we could go to the different exhibitions. Bryton was excited for the spiral but because it was closed it meant that we wouldn’t be staying too long ;D I actually found it reeeeeeeally boring so Bryton let me sit on one of the seats in the foyer while he explored it a bit.

We walked back through Central Park so we could go to Wholefoods for lunch. They have an awesome hot food bar there and we had gone there for dinner the night before and I loved the pasta so I was hoping they had it again. The walk through the park was really nice. It’s such a huge park, you need at least a full day to walked through or around it. There are lots of nice spots to stop and take pictures and eat. Unfortunately I was not feeling too good so it was a quick walk through.

We went back to the apartment to have a quick nap before our night out. Aunt Jenny and Uncle John had to work at the temple that night and we were heading back into Times Square to see LES MISERABLES!!

Ahhh I cannot explain. The show was incredible. The best musical I have EVER seen. Better than any of the Phantom shows I’ve seen. Alfie Boe played the role of Jean Valjean. He also plays the part in the 25th Anniversary concert. He did such an amazing job! Earl Carpenter played Javert and WOW. I would rank him just as high as the original Javert. And he hit the low notes perfectly. I really loved all of the cast and their voices, except for Fantine. I hate to say that I was quite disappointed by her voice unfortunately.

The show was really emotional. I thought it would be more of a concert than a play because the ones we’ve seen on DVD have been concerts with no acting. But this one was an actual performance and it was really good. I don’t know how people can sing and dance or act at the same time! I have trouble holding a simple note as it is.

There were several emotional parts in the show. People all around us were sniffing and wiping their tears and pulling out tissues. It would have been hilarious if I wasn’t one of those people haha. The singing was so real and passionate that you could feel the lyrics and the story and it was really touching. Especially the end when Valjean is dying. Oh my goodness. I’ve never cried in a musical before but this really hit the soft spots. I’m so so so glad we got to see Les Miz, especially on BROADWAY! Next goal: Seeing it in London. Woohoo!

After the show we were starving. It was already after 11pm and Times Square was crazy. We walked around looking for a place to eat and of course there were so many options. So we stopped at Hard Rock Cafe and I got one of their cheeseburgers. I also ordered an amazing drink. I can’t quite remember the name of it but it’s apparently their most popular non-alcoholic drink. It was like a virgin pina colada slushy mixed with strawberry juice. My mother-in-law and I LOVE our drinks and I’m thinking that if we weren’t members we would probably have a problem haha. But I thought of her when I had this. I was DYING to find a good drink ever since Vegas but there were no places that made mocktails. So thank you, Hard Rock Cafe, for making my dreams come true. By the time we left the restaurant it was after 1.30am and I couldn’t believe how busy the city still was. It is true that this is the city that never sleeps.

The next morning Bryton and I got a bagel from one of the street vendors before we left. Oh gosh. I wish they had those everywhere because it was so good and fresh. And super duper cheap! After that we walked to Magnolia Cafe. I think I wrote a little bit about that in my last post, but I had been thinking about their Banana Cream Pudding since the day before and I needed to have another one before leaving NYC. I have no regrets. It was amazing and my mouth is watering just thinking about it now.

Well New York did not disappoint. At first I wasn’t too thrilled just because of the traffic and the noise, but we had SO MUCH FUN and I know most of that was due to Aunt Jenny and Uncle John. We also really loved the shows we got to go to and I’m so grateful we got to see a couple of shows there.

I’m keen to visit this city again and hopefully see a bit more of it!


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