The Beautiful Lake Louise

On our first date, many years ago, Bryton asked me where I wanted to go on my honeymoon. I was surprised because that’s not really the question you get asked on a first date and I knew Bryton knew it was an awkward question as soon as he asked it. I told him I wanted to go on a cruise and he said he wanted to go to Lake Louise. When I looked up Lake Louise I was so impressed! It was beautiful.Β 
On Thursday we left for a weekend trip with Aunt Lawana and Uncle Reid. They have a timeshare in Fairmont Springs which is almost a 5 hour drive from Calgary. On the way we stopped at Lake Louise. The weather was overcast but it didn’t interrupt the beauty. The water was a nice colour. It reminded me so much of the South Island in New Zealand. It took me back to our honeymoon. I remembered a place that we drove past on our way to Queenstown that looked almost identical to Lake Louise.





Before we came on this trip Bryton and I had 2 specific item we wanted to buy in Canada. Bryton wanted to get a real cowboy hat and I wanted some cowboy boots. Our second day in Calgary we both got what we wanted and Bryton hasn’t stopped wearing his hat. When I got out of the shower the other night Bryton was lying on the bed wearing his cowboy hat. He just loves it and he looks like a real Canadian!










Every place that we go to we try to get some really cool bump shots. We’ve got some awesome ones so far at some fun landmarks but this is one of my favourites. We’ll make a post towards the end of my pregnancy with all of our bump shots to show progression.


We had to touch the water at Lake Louise. It was FREEZING. But it was super clean and I loved it.




Lake Louise is one of my favourite places. It was so similar to the South Island that it didn’t even feel like we were in a different country. I love how Canada feels like home.

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