Edmonton Days




We are now in our last week of our trip and I am just dying to get home. I miss my family and being home and knowing exactly where every store I need is. Six weeks sure is a long time to be away from home and I am looking forward to going back.
Last week we spent the week in Edmonton. We have been really blessed having so much of Bryton’s family everywhere. This trip would not have been half as good if it weren’t for his family. Aunt Dwan and Uncle Brett live in Edmonton, about 3 hours north of Calgary. We had such a good time up there we decided to stay an extra night just because! We were also able to attend the Edmonton temple while we were there which was really nice. It is the 7th temple we have visited on this trip (although we haven’t been inside all of them). This temple was super tiny like most of the other temples we have been in here. But it was really sweet to be in there.
West Edmonton Mall is the largest shopping mall in North America and the tenth largest in the world. They have an amusement park, 2 hotels, a water park, an ice skating rink, a marine park, and about a million stores haha. Okay, maybe not quite so many stores, but there are a lot! We went to the water park on our first proper day in Edmonton. It was SO MUCH FUN!! They have a bunch of water slides and wave pool. It was awesome! We didn’t get to go on all of the slides, mostly because I was too scared haha. But the main reason we didn’t get to go on all of them is because Bryton went down a slide and pull a muscle in his groin area. Hahaha. I know. We tried to come up with a cool story that wouldn’t make him look so bad, like how he had to fight off a polar bear who was trying to attack me, but the fact that he did it coming down a slide is just too funny to pass up. So I’m sticking to the truth. And I just could not wait to tell my family because I knew they would mock him forever about it haha. They love him, really. So after about 3 hours we had to leave. About an hour and a half of our time there was actual swimming/fun times but the other hour and a half was Bryton trying to get from one point to another. He ended up getting pushed on a wheelchair by a lifeguard from the slide to the first aid area and then from the first aid area to the changing rooms and then from the changing rooms to the car. It was hilarious and I was not going to let him forget it.
When we got to Aunt Dwan’s house he struggled to get up the stairs and it took him a good half hour to get to the top. I helped Aunt Dwan get his dinner ready and when I went up to take his food to him he was lying on his stomach sliding his way to the couch. I was in hysterics. I’m a bad wife. I know. Well I ended up having to pull his not-so-small body to the couch and it was not easy. So I like to give him a hard time about his pregnant wife dragging his body along the ground.
Needless to say, he really took full advantage of being immovable (he really likes to milk it whenever he is sick or injured. Which is why I have no compassion at all when it comes to these situations).









When Bryton finally got over himself we went to visit his mum’s cousin, Jocelyn, and her husband Peter, in Wetaskiwin. It is a tiny little town just south of Edmonton. They took us out to a Japanese & Korean restaurant and it was delicious. We haven’t had that since we’ve been on our trip and we are regulars at the Japanese place in Takapuna. We also tried their deep fried ice cream which was surprisingly really really tasty!!


I loved being with some Kiwi’s! It felt like home. Peter is an architect and his office is right across the road from their house. He took us up to the office and it was so cute! I could pick his office out straight away because it had some Maori carving hanging outside the door. Inside his office he has a lot of maori carvings and pictures. It was really awesome to see!
It was pretty funny when the elevator doors opened and we saw 2 seats in there. Peter told us about a time when he got stuck in the elevator for an hour so he suggested they put seats inside to make it more comfortable if it ever happened again. I thought it was a brilliant idea and I want all elevators to have them!


I mentioned to Jos that my mother-in-law and I love our drinks and she told me about this drink called a Brazilian Limeade. When we got home from lunch on Saturday Jos whipped it up for us and it was so flippen good. My mouth is watering just from thinking about it now. It was super quick and really tasty. I like my drinks strong and Jos put in extra limes so it was perfect!







Peter took us out to the backyard and showed us his little motor home he has been working on. It’s an awesome little thing and it will be cool to see it again once he’s finished working on it. He asked me for a cool maori word to name it and I had zero idea haha. He called it a big waka so all I could come up with was Waka nui which is kinda pathetic on my part.


We had such a great time with Jos and Peter and Aunt Dwan and Uncle Brett. It was awesome to get some chill time on this trip but especially spend time with family. We tried to chase the Northern Lights while we were up north but the weather was not in our favour so it was dark skies at night while we were there which was a complete bummer.
We are back in Calgary for our last week now and we are pretty much using this time to catch up on sleep etc. We need it that’s for sure. And I keep having dreams about how long the flight is going to be back to Auckland. Ugh I am totally dreading the 14 hour flight but I am looking forward to being home!

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