"I can’t cook and I won’t cook!"

I married an amazing man. This photo sums up exactly our relationship. He lifts me up and carries me through my challenges and I just adore him for it. I could not have asked for a better companion throughout the eternities and especially through my pregnancy.

When we were dating I kept reminding him that I can’t cook and I won’t cook. I have no desire whatsoever to cook. There is no home job I despise more than cooking. Give me the laundry, vacuum, dishes, I’ll do it. Give me a pot and I’d rather hit you with it. I knew he was the one for me when he kept telling me that cooking isn’t important to him and he didn’t care that I couldn’t and wouldn’t cook. Recently I’ve been bombarded with questions like “when are you going to learn to cook?” “what have you been cooking for Bryton?” “have you been doing any cooking?”

For goodness sakes, NO!
The other night I cried to Bryton (mainly because of the hormones) but because I was feeling like such a pathetic wife because “I don’t cook for my husband.” Ugh. Oh my gosh. He reassured me that it’s not important to him and it doesn’t matter that I don’t cook because I do the cleaning.
That is just one example of how he treats me. If you know me, you will know that I am not exactly low maintenance. I remember my mum used to wish me good luck in finding a husband because I was such hard work. She was so right too. I needed to marry a very very patient man. And I did. Four and a half years ago when he first met my parents they saw that he opened the car door for me. They were SO confused and said “haha that’s not going to last.” Just last weekend we were in Hamilton and he opened the door for me again and they looked all confused. Yup, this is the man I married.
Anyway, I wanted to share about my husband’s unwavering support throughout my pregnancy. It’s so funny because I remember when we were dating and I asked him if he would ever get up in the middle of the night to get me something I was craving for if I was pregnant and he said, very seriously, “no way!” But he is the complete opposite in reality. I was pretty sick during my first trimester. On our way to netball one night we had only just left home and I had to get him to pull over so I could throw up. He jumped out of the car and came over to rub my back, but I am not like other women and I couldn’t stand the idea of having him see me like that so I pushed him away. I could tell that he felt really bad for me and completely helpless. He started to realize that he could help me by always handing me tissues and baby wipes whenever I got sick so I could clean myself up.
He massages my feet almost every night and if I ever need a back rub he puts down whatever he’s doing and he never complains.
The other day I dropped him off at work and when he got out of the car I had a breakdown because I realized just how fat I’m getting. He must have turned around to wave goodbye and saw me crying and came running over to comfort me. Every time I look in the mirror and see how fat I am he makes me feel so good about myself.
Every morning he tells me I look beautiful. Even when I know for a fact that I absolutely do not!
If I’m ever craving something and we don’t have it, he will get in the car and go and buy it for me.
When I get a little bit carried away at Kmart and spend a little too much he doesn’t get upset with me and I think that’s even worse punishment!

Just this week he bought me a domain name (if you hadn’t noticed, it’s not blogspot any more 😀 ) as a gift because he’s a geeky romantic like that!

I could really go on and on and on and on about all the things my lovely husband does for me. I’m such a lucky woman! Bryton has just been the best husband I could ask for. He has been so comforting and supportive during my pregnancy. There is no doubt in this world that he is my favourite person in this entire world. I can’t even explain how grateful I am that I get to spend my life with him!
Bryton Pilling, I love your silly dorkface!!!

4 thoughts on “"I can’t cook and I won’t cook!"

  1. I am recently engaged, and my biggest fear/concern lately is the fact that i have no idea how to cook! My co workers and family are all trying to hand me recipes and cooking tips, and I have no interest! I am ashamed of not knowing how to cook because everyone makes it seem like that is what makes a wife a good wife. Reading your post has made me feel better! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Congratulations! Don’t worry if you don’t know how to cook. It’s so not an essential element of marriage and your fiance wants to marry you anyway. You will keep getting comments about it, who cares! Your cooking abilities do not define you. Just remember that you can be a good wife even if you don’t cook. Are you loyal? Are you kind? Do you respect your husband? And do you love him? Then you’re a great wife! Good luck with the wedding prep xx

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