Christmas 2015

































Another Christmas over!! We are lucky because the Pilling’s have their Christmas dinner on Christmas eve and the Tari’s have theirs on Christmas day so we get to celebrate with both of our families every year!
This year mum wanted us to make our secret santa gifts and the only person who was keen for that was Bryton haha. He’s a wannabe favourite child. He made a painting about Mum’s pepeha/family heritage. And we all chipped in to buy mum a new laptop (which made her very emotional as you can tell).
Our family tradition is to go to the temple lights every Christmas evening so we all headed up there and drove around temple view.
This Christmas was pretty cool because mum and dad got a lot more presents than us kids this year and while we were preparing lunch they were sitting in the living room playing with their gifts. It was a twist on what usually happens every other year and it was pretty cool to witness.
We are spending the next few days in Hamilton with my family and I’m so excited to be on holiday (again)!
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

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