Bare Face

As of today, the 1st of February, I am starting a little social experiment. I am going bared faced for 3 months. That’s zero make up and zero threading until the 1st May. I am a daily make up wearer and a weekly visitor to the local eyebrow threader. But with the pending arrival of our little girl only 5 weeks away I’ve been doing a little bit of thinking and self reflection. I want to teach my little girl that beauty is not dependent on what make up products you use but ratherΒ a reflection of your inner self. I believe it is important for every woman to feel confident and comfortable in her own skin. But how can I reflect this if I do not believe it for myself? I’ve realised how much I rely on make up to make me feel good about myself. So instead of spending my mornings trying to improve what I have been naturally blessed with, I am going to focus on developing good qualities that improve my wellbeing. I hope that by the end of this experiment I improve my self confidence as well as my spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing. I am not committing to going the rest of my life without make up. Heck, I’m already excited to get my eyebrows threaded at the end of this, but I want to change my relationship with make up and my perspective of myself. If I want to teach our daughter that beauty doesn’t come from products we plaster on our faces, I have to believe that myself. I want to feel good about myself without all the additional products I put on my face. I want to learn to love me for me! And then I believe I can help others to feel the same about themselves.

I’m going to be keeping a record of my progress, my feelings, and my experience on the blog and on our Instagram account @pillingsworthblog. Follow along to see how I’m doing and to make sure I don’t fail. Now that I’ve put it out there I’m accountable to you all. Photo and video updates will also be posted so keep an eye out for that.

Let the excitement and utter tragedy begin!


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