The Second Trimester Glow

In pregnancy you hear “you’re glowing!” Or “you’ve got that pregnancy glow” which is so lovely and complimentary. I got that comment plenty throughout my pregnancy. The thing is, 95% of the time I think it was just sweat because this heat has been an absolute killer. Now that I am in my last trimester and only 4 weeks out from giving birth, I think that I’ve had a little revelation.
The “pregnancy glow” everyone talks about really only exists in the second trimester. Well for me anyway. And here’s why: the second trimester is the best trimester.

The first trimester sucks. You are sick all of the time. You throw up when you eat and if you don’t eat you feel like throwing up. You are always tired but don’t really have anything to show for it because the baby is literally the size of a seed. You feel like crap because all you do is throw up and think “why did I think this was ever a good idea?” But everyone tells you it’s all worth it in the end. You are starting to get emotional and hormonal and you really have no control over it. Your mind is in this random in between stage and so you’re all flustered and confused and angry. There is no pregnancy glow.  

The third trimester is runner up in the contest of the worst 3 months of pregnancy. Your belly is probably bigger than it’s ever been before. You’re heavy ALL of the time and it makes your movements difficult. Discomfort is another struggle you are fighting and if you’re anything like me, no one tells you it feels like the baby is about to crack a rib if she keeps moving the way she does. The baby grows so much and there is little room for her to move so when she does move its this kind of weird uncomfortable but cool feeling. Your baby is so big and low that you need to pee all the time. And if you sneeze or cough sometimes you might even pee your pants. Your brain is now fully dysfunctional, making it very difficult to make solid, rational decisions. Heartburn is pretty bad and if you lie down straight after you’ve eaten you feel like you need to burp every 15 seconds and when you do burp you vomit a little in your mouth. Your feet swell bigger than you’ve ever seen before and some days it’s more comfortable to not wear your wedding rings. If you’re carrying throughout summer you are coming up with lots of reasons to plan your next pregnancy right so you don’t have to put up with the heat. You feel like you are sweating from every pore and your clothes feel wet so you don’t want people to hug you. Because of the heat and your lack of energy, the idea of wearing make up sounds like the dumbest thing in the world. You are now at the point in your pregnancy where you cannot wait for the baby to arrive just so you can feel normal again. So no, the pregnancy glow, unless it’s sweat, does not feel like it exists in the third trimester. 

So the second trimester, in my opinion, is the best. You are finally over the morning sickness. You have more energy. You can announce your pregnancy with less fear that something could go wrong. You feel like yourself again! And your bump is slowly starting to grow, but not too much. It’s a cute little bump that looks gorgeous in your dresses. You think “yes! I can do this! And I can do it looking fabulous!” You find out what gender your baby is and when you start shopping for those cute little dresses you get so excited!! You start to feel tiny flutters in your belly and you realise how real it is and you can’t wait for the next kick to come. And because you feel great and have lots of energy and you’re full of excitement for your offspring, that glow shines right through!!

And so I call it the second trimester glow. It shows when you are feeling good about yourself and your pregnancy. This was my own experience throughout my pregnancy. But I firmly believe that your “second trimester glow” can show right from the beginning of your pregnancy. If you have a positive attitude and if you’re happy about being pregnant I am convinced that you will be glowing right from the beginning. Maybe it’s just the hormones, but I now believe that your attitude has everything to do with your pregnancy. But I know, as I’m sure you’ve all witnessed, how difficult it can be to maintain that bright attitude when your body is doing things out of your control. 

On another note, the other day my friend who is very newly pregnant told me that she felt bad for complaining about being sick because she’s apparently not as bad as I was (which wasn’t actually that bad). But that is not true! Pregnant women have every right to complain!! Who cares if it makes them look ungrateful or if you think they shouldn’t have gotten pregnant in the first place. That’s probably not how they intend to sound at all. But everyone needs their little rant I think. Pregnancy has some really sucky side effects that can take its toll on the body and mind. So if a woman has some complaining to do about the changes occurring in her body, let her do it! And let her do it without your critical judgments. The last thing a pregnant woman needs is someone else giving their unwanted opinion on the way they are feeling.

Every woman’s pregnancy is different. It could be a really amazing, emotional, spiritual experience, or it could suck and you can be sick the entire time and gain 30kgs. Maybe you have the pregnancy glow for a healthy 9 months or maybe it’s just that second trimester glow. But it’s no ones business to judge or make negative comments on it.

Do you, Boo xx


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