One Month Make Up Free

Hi everyone!
I’m sorry it’s taken so long to post. If you saw my Instagram or Facebook posts you would know we still do not have Internet and it’s such a pain dealing with the Internet company. So I’m currently sitting at McDonalds using their free wifi to get this post up for you.It’s the last day of February and the end of the first month of my make up free experiment. So I wanted to do a quick update for you.

February hasn’t been too difficult to handle. I must say that the weather has certainly helped keep the make up off because it has been so hot! I’m not going to lie, there have been a few tears and I credit my complete lack of self confidence. There have definitely been days when I feel totally unattractive. It doesn’t help that the size of my belly adds to that. I’ve found it difficult to be in public when my eyebrows look like a mess – probably the worst they’ve ever been. Whenever I talk to someone I keep thinking that they must be staring at my brows and judging me. But I know it’s all in my head. 

This has turned out to be a very psychological thing. It’s all in my head. I’m pretty sure no one is looking at me and thinking the things I’m thinking.

I posted on Instagram about how I was feeling a little self conscious and wanted to get my brows done but didn’t want people to judge me etc. A friend reminded me that this is MY challenge. If I want to change something about it or if I want to end it completely, I can! And she reminded me that I shouldn’t care about what people think of me. In fact, her advice was so perfect for me at the time you can read it for yourself:

I’ve learnt a lot about myself and about the perception of beauty. I actually LOVE not wearing make up. My skin feels so good and I think it looks good too. I could happily go without primer, foundation, concealer, contouring, blush, and highlight! However, I feel like I do need to  maintain my brows to keep my face tidy. Last week I went to a brow specialist to have them shaped. She did such a great job at making them thick again but because they are still growing they were a bit patchy here and there and it will take a couple more months to get them perfect. BUT because I’m an idiot, when I got home I thought they were too thick so I went and made them thinner myself. Let’s just say my husband wasn’t too pleased with me. So I promised him I will let them grow out again and go back to get them reshaped.

I’ve also learnt that what makes a person beautiful is the way that you speak, the way you carry yourself, and the way you treat others. Confidence comes from feeling good and 99.999% of the time that comes from thinking and doing good things. When you spend your time on other people you worry and care less about yourself. You don’t have the time to worry about making sure your winged liner is perfect because when you do things for other people, they aren’t noticing your eyeliner, they’re noticing your kind heart and warm personality. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t take pride in your presentation, because I’m ALL about that! Keep tidy, be clean, and dress well. But spending too much time on your appearance is borderline unnecessary. Of course there are special occasions when you want, and perhaps need, to look your most beautiful, but it’s a waste of time spending hours every single day on your face. 

Embrace your natural beauty. Let your skin breathe! Yes, I’m saying let yourself go natural for a day or two. During the past month when we’ve had events to attend and church every week and I know I’m going to be seen by people, I will make sure to dress well and do my hair properly. And I’ve had people compliment me! They don’t notice that I’m not wearing any make up, but I’m also not looking like a complete train wreck. I don’t draw attention to the fact that I’m not wearing make up but I try to emphasise other good qualities I’ve found in myself over the course of this experiment.

I’m still going to keep going with this experiment for the next 2 months. It’s been a great learning experience for me. I would love to get to the end of this and see that I’m no longer reliant on make up to make me feel good. I’d also love to see myself use my time wisely, serving others and being a good mother. 

If you feel like making a change go ahead and join me in this little experiment. Just remember, you’re beautiful, naturally beautiful. Be tidy, keep clean, dress well, and embrace your natural beauty. 


Kayne X


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