Style the Bump

Dress: ASOS
Dress: ASOS
Dress: ASOS
Blouse: Pagani (Not Maternity) Skirt: Ross (Not Maternity)

Dressing well is important to me and I didn’t want a giant belly to stop me from doing that. When my bump started to grow I decided against maternity clothes because in my head they were too frumpy and “pregnant” looking. So I just bought clothes that were bigger than my normal size. But once I started to hit size 12-14 clothes and they were fitting my belly but too big for the rest of my body I started to think differently about it. So I went onto ASOS Maternity and boy do I wish I’d looked there sooner! They have so many cute maternity dresses that were half the price of maternity stores I’d found in Auckland. I ordered some dresses and shirts and I fell in love with them. I found that my body type suits tight fitted clothes a lot better than the looser stuff. They compliment my shape better and the looser clothes actually make me look bigger. Apart from ASOS, Kmart also has some pretty cute maternity clothes. They don’t have a wide range but they have some cheap basics that I would recommend. I also found that a lot of chiffon blouses fit the belly and are suitable for work and church. Because I’ve been pregnant over summer I haven’t needed to wear pants too much. I did buy 2 pairs of jeans that were a couple of sizes bigger than my pre-pregnancy size and they’ve worked well for me throughout the last 9 months (although they were big at the beginning). I’ve also been asked by a ton of people about sizing. So I’ve gone up 1-2 dress sizes in maternity wear. The maternity clothes I’ve bought are all a size or two bigger than my pre-pregnancy size and they fit comfortably. I hope that helps! Here are a few items I’ve found on ASOS that I really love:

Black Bodycon Dress
Biege Bodycon Midi Dress
Grey Bodycon Ribbed Midi
Black Bodycon Ribbed Dress
Breton Stripe Jumper
Striped Midi
Black Bodycon Dress with Sweetheart Neck
Black Bodycon with Drape Shoulder

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