Life Lately

I am often asked “so what do you do all day?” Haha I don’t mind it. Sometimes it feels like someone is implying that I do nothing. And sometimes that’s exactly what I do because I’m so exhausted.

Every week I have someone to catch up with. A lot of my friends want to meet our little girl so we break it up so we’re not busy every single day of every week. My good friend, Chelsea, and I try to do something together once a week. We have been to the mum’s and bub’s movie sessions a couple of times (and plan on going more often), or we’ll just have a McDonald’s lunch catch up. Just a little something to keep us sane. And I try to keep my house tidy, although that’s more of a challenge as my energy rapidly decreases. But I have found that I am happiest and feeling normal when I am getting out of the house.

My post-birth recovery has been easier than most women. Or so I’ve heard. Immediately after having Aston I experienced mild back pain and the stitches were a little uncomfortable for a couple of weeks. I was suddenly more emotional than I had ever been for about 3 weeks post-birth, crying ALL of the time, my eyelash extensions were starting to look heinous. And, surprisingly, I had little desire to be close to my husband. My raging hormones got the better of me.

And that was about all the post-partum stress I experienced. My friends who have also had children recently have asked if I’ve experienced this and that, and I feel fortunate that I haven’t but I also feel bad that I haven’t and that they have. I am grateful for the positive experience that I have had, but I also acknowledge that I did not escape unharmed. Haha. Although I am both pleased and relieved that I am finally feeling 100% normal again with my hormones back in balance and my system working how it was pre-pregnancy eg. my cycle is back up and running (haha sorry, TMI).

My first Mother’s Day was not a complete disaster with my husband re-doing Mother’s Day almost a week later. I’m counting it as a special day nonetheless. He surprised me by taking a day of work, breakfast in bed, he organised family photos, bought me clothes, and we enjoyed a lovely dinner with some of the best ribs I’ve tasted. Well done, Pilling!

I am loving spending everyday with my little girl. Life is never boring with her. Even if all we do for the day is sit and watch TV. She keeps me busy, I keep myself busy, and my husband spoils us. I am very blessed.

Now don’t mind me as I add some mediocre-quality photos taken on my iPhone of my life lately.

In the last couple of months we have:

  • Had my little brothers and sister stay with us
  • Gone to the beach multiple times
  • Had a fun day out with Nena Risa and Paka (my parents)
  • Taken Aston to her first ANZAC service
  • Had a hangi for the first time in a long time
  • Been to the pet shop to show Aston the animals (which she fell asleep for)
  • Had Aston blessed
  • Been to two weddings
  • Celebrated our second wedding anniversary
  • Met my work colleagues
  • Skyped Uncle Brandon on his mission in Nicaragua
  • Had lots of lunch dates with friends.



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