Blakely Wihongi: A Surprise Arrival

Meet Blakely and her parents, Oshan and Jershon. A sweet couple I met when they were living in Auckland, who are now living in the beautiful Dunedin to build a strong future for their family.


It all started the first week of December 2015.

I was awaiting a check up with my midwife on Thursday 3rd December and although I was only 36 weeks pregnant, I had this very small, yet scary feeling that I was going to deliver early. Little did I know that that was exactly what was going to happen.

The next evening (Friday night) around 8:30pm, I felt my first contraction. It was small and reasonable to get through, but I did think to myself at that time, “dang that was hard out”. More started to follow and although they were quite spread out, I just tried my best to breathe through it all.

My husband and I had a little disagreement that night over something small and random, so he went for a drive to cool off, meanwhile, my body is starting to ache more as these contractions grew a little more intense every time. So I asked him to come home because the contractions were starting to scare me. At 1am I was craving sour Feijoa lollies, a pear, peaches and cream lollies, and sour coke bottles hahaha. I wasn’t able to sleep because of the contractions, so I woke my husband up to run to the 24/7 shop to get me a whole bunch of lollies, and a pear, because I specifically wanted a random pear haha. It was now around 3am and I started getting more scared because they were getting closer and more intense, so I texted my midwife to tell her how I was feeling and she said they’re probably just Braxton Hicks and I shouldn’t worry too much. So I tried to go back to sleep and sleep through the pain… that didn’t work. I was still up, walking around the house in the dark or curled up with my head tucked in to my stomach and butt in the air to try and breathe the pain away. It was now 8.30am on Saturday 5th December and I’m still getting very worried, so I text my mum to say “please have your bags ready, just in case.” My mum lives in Auckland, while my husband and I live in Dunedin for his studies. So I was so scared thinking, “Could I be going into labour? Is this the real thing? Is she coming this early? It can’t be! I’M NOT READY?!!”

I needed to go toilet (as you do with a baby pushing on your bladder) and there I found a bit of dried blood on my knickers. So I started freaking out! I called my midwife and told her how I haven’t been sleeping and I’ve been timing my contractions and they were lasting about one minute with a five minute gap between each. So she said “meet me at the hospital at 12:30pm and we’ll have a check to see what’s going on aye?” In a slightly worried but calm voice I agreed and then called my mum in a panic and told her what was going on and she said “okay, I’m coming right now”. I told her not to, just in case it was a false alarm. I told her to wait until we went to the hospital to find out what is going on first. And that’s when the water works started happening. Purely from freaking out that I could be going into labour.

Because I was very unprepared, I had to run to Kmart to get a few things for labour and after the birth, like, granny pants, nursing bras, shorts, singlets, nighties, socks, things that I wouldn’t care if they got wrecked (you know what I mean by “wrecked”). Literally having to hold on to the shelves in the store when I felt a contraction coming on. I was at the point of not being able to move while in a contraction.

It was around 12pm when we went to the hospital. As we were finding a car park, my contractions were getting so sore I was pulling on my husband every time they came. I had to stop where I was, crouch down and bare the pain until it went away. This whole time, my mum was waiting on her phone for us to call to tell her what was going on. We got to the hospital where my midwife was waiting for us. I was also busting to go to the bathroom, so I went there first before we did anything, and there was my mucus plug. Not something I wanted to see because that was a sure sign I was going into labour. (Noooooooooo!) I called out to my midwife and asked “is this my mucus plug?” she said “yup.” I asked, “Does this mean she’s coming now?” and my midwife said calmly, “yup, she could be.”

(NO, NO, NO!)

To see how far along I was, my midwife examined me and she said “okay, so, you are 2cms dilated. She’s definitely coming tonight”. I started to experience all the emotions in the world, and through the tears I told my husband to get my mum on the phone right now and tell her to come! This was about 1.15 in the afternoon.

I was then shifted to the delivery suite, to await my little girl.

My husband was sent back home (which was literally 5 mins up the road) to pack a bag for me; all of the smallest clothes that we had for baby at the time, a whole bunch of nappies and blankets. This is what I mean by I wasn’t prepared. We didn’t even had our hospital bags ready to go. Because he didn’t really know what to pack, he decided to pack ALL of our daughters clothes! I was also craving a steak and cheese pie and more lollies at this time, so I asked for those too.

As he was sent away to get things for our baby girl, I laid in my bed just overwhelmed with every emotion possible.

… Very scared I might not have my mum with me, worried that our daughter will be taken to NICU for being tiny and underweight and be wired up to machines and fed through a tube, not mentally prepared to raise a child (have I done enough research, learnt what is good and bad with raising a child, etc…), excited I won’t be physically sick anymore or in pain (I had really bad morning sickness till 28 weeks, horrible time for me) yet, super happy we finally get to meet our baby girl. Well is it actually going to be a girl? What if the radiologist made a mistake? What if we’re actually having a boy? Everything is PINK??!…

Yup, all the things you could possibly be thinking and feeling as you enter labour.

Between 2pm and 5pm my contractions were at their strongest. They were so incredibly painful, the worst physical pain I have ever felt, and they wouldn’t stop!! Because I was delivering at 36 weeks and 2 days, I wasn’t allowed to get up and walk around, or sit in the bath, I had to stay on the bed and it was killing me! My contractions were so painful and my back was aching so much, I couldn’t handle it anymore, so the doctors came to give me options. I was examined and was still only 2cms and my waters hadn’t broken yet, so I could get an epidural, then get my waters broken, OR break my waters now and “hopefully” bring on labour and only have the gas as my pain relief. Initially, I did not want to get an epidural because I have a huge fear of massive needles. But everyone said that was the best option to help relieve my pain because I would have had no energy by the time I had to push if I didn’t get it done. So the epidural it was.

Boy oh boy, that was not a fun experience. I told the doc, “please don’t miss” (because I don’t want to have to do it again) and what happens? He misses. So I had to sit through the procedure twice, trying to stay perfectly still (which we all know is near impossible), while going through my contractions. My poor husband, I felt so sorry for him, his hands were blue from all of my squeezing but bless his heart for helping me get through it. Although I could feel the needle going in, it wasn’t as painful as my contractions were. But the both of them together at the same time, oh heck!

It was now 6pm and the doc said it should kick in in about 15 minutes. And what do you know, it did. I was literally staring at the clock the whole 15 minutes making sure it was actually going to work and it did, because I fell asleep straight away.

That was the best feeling. No pain at all. So I was able to get about an hour and a half worth of sleep. So by now it was about 7.30ish.

I woke up and my mum still wasn’t there. She had to catch two flights to get to Dunedin. Auckland to Wellington to Dunedin. So she was expected to land around 7.45pm. Luckily my husbands cousin lives 5 mins away from the airport, so we asked if they could pick my mum (and sister who decided to tag along and be my mums little helper) and bring them to the hospital which was 35 mins away from the airport.

As 8.15pm came around, I looked at the door and my mum walks in and comes straight to me, gives me a massive hug and says “you’re okay, you can do this, I’m here now.” I was so overcome with emotion, all I could say was “hi mum”. I was ready now. I had my mum, my sister, my husband and my midwife all ready for our little angel to enter this world.

I was still pain free until 9pm then that’s when I felt something different. I said “I think she’s coming?” And as I got checked, my midwife said, “ooh, there’s her head”.

As I felt the discomfort of my girls head, I start to freak out again. “Mum I can’t do this. It hurts!” With my mum holding my left hand and my husband holding my right hand, mum told me just to breathe and push through the contraction, so I did. Three big contractions, three big pushes and at 9.12pm our daughter entered this world.

I was pain free at last. I felt at peace with everything and overwhelmed that at that very moment, I became a mother, my husband a father, my mum a Nana and my sister an Aunty. I could not believe what I just did. Over nine months of cooking up this beauty inside me, she was finally here.

She weighed 5.06lbs (2285g) and was 48cm long.

My heart stopped for a moment because she didn’t scream and she wasn’t really moving. She came out with her arm and the cord wrapped around her neck so she didn’t come to me straight away. She had to go to the resuscitation machine and get her air flowing because she was quite blue when she came out. After a couple of minutes on the machine and getting cleaned up, she came back to me, happy and healthy. Quite the miracle child really.

My midwife handed her to me and said “here’s your daughter”. I just sobbed as she laid on me with her little hands stroking my chest.

We spent a total of five days in hospital so she could get monitored with her weight gain. I was so happy she got to stay with me and not have to go to NICU. She was gaining weight perfectly fine (even though the nurses were trying to shove food in her constantly).

We named her on her second day of life. Her name is Blakely Hinemoa Wihongi.

Blakely originated from Blake, which both my husband and I loved, but when she arrived she wasn’t a “Blake”. We were googling names earlier that week and found Blakely. We had a few names that we both loved like Harper and Brooklyn but when she arrived, we knew her name was Blakely. No real meaning to it, we just wanted something unique because my husband and I both have unique names.

Hinemoa is my grandmother’s name on my mothers side. Ever since I was a kid, I always told myself that my first daughter will be named after my Nani and my second daughter will be named after my mum, because these two woman are my rocks. I look up to the both of them for many different reasons and I wanted my daughters to be named after such strong and loving woman that mean a lot to me. That is where her middle name comes from.

All in all, I was over the moon with happiness that she was with us. She was due to come on New Years Eve (Dec 31st), but she definitely had plans of her own.

We love you beautiful girl xx


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