Cruz Alexander: A Birth Story

Meet Cruz and his beautiful mum Rahera and daddy Buerjere. I’m so amazed by the strength of each women. I can’t imagine having to push for so long without any known progression. What a trooper for getting through it with no tears. It always makes me happy to hear when women have uncomplicated births! Another great read.


My Due Date was the 16th December 2015. 4 days later I found myself wide awake at 4:30 in the morning. The day before I’d had an achy back from walking (waddling) around for too long. As I lay in bed that morning I felt a warm gush of fluid “down stairs” and after changing, contractions began. It seemed like a too little amount of fluid to be my waters breaking. Contractions came every 5-10 minutes and lasted for about 20-40 seconds. I really didn’t want to bother my midwife; to find out I was 1 or 2 cm’s – not far enough to go to birth care.

Around 5am I texted my midwife and let her know I thought I was getting irregular contractions. She’ll get it when she wakes up I thought. I also called my mum. I tried hopping back in bed a few times, to save energy, but contractions hurt way more sore lying down! So instead, I waddled around quietly downstairs.

By 7:30am the contractions had intensified and I’d established with my midwife this was definitely labour. Around 8am I returned to my room where my husband had woken a little, as he saw me puffing and pacing around he got all excited and said “is it happening?!”. By this point contractions were coming every 2-5 minutes, so we arranged to meet our midwife at the birth centre. I didn’t bother to put on make-up, or even get dressed! Lucky our bags were packed and ready to go.

The ride to birth care was horrible! Even sitting down in that position seemed to hurt. I was nice enough to let my hunny get some maccas for breakfast. By 9:30am we were in our birth room with my midwife. After an hour of back rubbing and using my wheat pack, my midwife checked to see how dilated I was. About 8 cm’s. Yuss! Sweet. I’m handling this pretty well for 8 cm’s I thought to myself. Plus, this is going to be over soon and we’ll have our son!

My birth plan was to birth at birth care, and have a water birth. I didn’t think it was necessary for medical intervention. Women’s bodies are amazing. I also didn’t want an epidural because I didn’t want to be stuck on my back during the birth.

Around 12pm my midwife checked me again and I was fully dilated. She broke my waters and from this point on contractions were crazy. My spine felt like it was going to break. I was using gas every now and then to distract my head. No, it doesn’t stop the pain. I hopped in the bath and was told I could push. A long hour passed, and after pushing with every contraction, it seemed like baby wasn’t progressing. I was getting exhausted and hot, so I decided to hop out of the water and try a different position.

I was on my knees, facing the back of the bed. After some serious pushing, about an hour later I could hear “we can see his head!”. Yay! I wasn’t sure I could handle much more. Another long HOUR of extreme pushing passed and I started to get disheartened. I had my husband, mum and 4 sisters all in the room with me. They were all telling me how great I was doing, to keep going, that I can do this etc. BUT AN HOUR AGO YOU TOLD ME YOU COULD SEE HIS HEAD! Has he even moved?!

Whoever said pushing is easier than contractions was lying! I was starting to feel like he was never coming out. His head had been visible for over 2 hours. My midwife put in an IV line, to help my body get some fluids. Just before 4pm I was finally able to push enough for his head to be out. My stomach was still huge, I couldn’t see anything. I felt like crying but for some reason I couldn’t? Downstairs was on fire and I was physically and mentally exhausted. Once his head was out everyone was silent. Something must be wrong.

My midwife quickly called the emergency alarm, and two other midwives rushed in to help. She told me she’d have to do an episiotomy (where they cut you). I started to panic and yelled “no I don’t want to be cut!”, maybe I screamed a little. I had a midwife on each side, along with my mum and Buj. They told me I need to push and get him out right now. My midwife was sticking her fingers in and around my baby’s head/neck (this still makes me cringe thinking about it!). After 3 or 4 huge pushes – I don’t know how they were huger than the previous pushes – this giant flopped out and was quickly put on my chest. He didn’t cry or move and for a moment, I thought he wasn’t alive. The midwives rubbed him all over with towels and then I heard his cry! Yay! It was a deep but soft cry and I loved it. He quickly stopped crying and just stared at me.


Our son, Cruz Teancum Ariki Buerjere Alexander was born 20/12/2015, at 4:04pm weighing 10.4 lbs. He was so beautiful and I instantly fell in love.


An 11 hour labour. Faster than the average first time labour. Abnormal amount of time for pushing. I knew the birth was going to be painful, but I wasn’t prepared for the recovery. I had in my head that once he was out, the pain would be over. It wasn’t. However, considering how big he was, my body was extremely kind to me. I didn’t tear which is a miracle! Although I did have lots of grazing, which made going toilet a fearful time. Down stairs was also really swollen from being stretched for forever. I waddled for about a week, as my back felt broken from the birth. I was also still fat and puffy after he came out! Around 6 weeks post-p I started to feel completely normal.

There was no way our son was getting 10 names like his dad. So he’s got 5.

Cruz: This was the first name Buj and I both liked. We’d gone through hundreds of names together and never really liked any. We both don’t know anyone called Cruz, so we thought it was unique enough. We also thought it was a cruisy, handsome name. How do you get that from a name? No idea. But he suits it, thanks to his cruisy nature.

Teancum: Teancum from the Book of Mormon was a strong, Nephite leader. This is also his dad’s second name.

Ariki: We both wanted our son to have a Maori name. Ariki has a number of different meanings but we liked the meanings: a chief, qualities of a leader, first-born male in a notable family.

Buerjere: After his dad. He is just like his dad too!

Cruz is such a blessing to our family. He’s still a giant at 5 months, weighing just under 11 kg. He’s happy and such a chatter box.

We love you our Son.


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