Irah Rea: A Birth Story

Meet handsome little Irah and his parents Angelica and Luke. He certainly scared his mum from possible future babies. Angelica was blessed with some pretty quick labours with her first few children, so of course why wouldn’t the next one be a breeze? Most women experience labours that get easier with each birth, Angelica started out like that, only to be surprised by this little guy. Read more about her experience here.


I am a mum to four babes under 7 and my last labour would have to be my most traumatic.
Maybe traumatic is an over exaggeration but it WAS scary!! I’ve been really lucky and have had really good labours. I always feel the most beautiful whenever I am pregnant.  I never got sick, could eat everything like normal and could sleep like a baby. (bliss!) I had a 4 hour labour with my first. I had him on a birthing stool. Second labour was 19 minutes. I literally got into the room, fell to my knees and she just came out. Third labour was a water birth (best labour by far) that took an hour, but my fourth has made me question if six is really what we want?!! Haha.

On Tuesday 18th August 2015, 2 days before my due date, I had some show the night before so I knew I wasn’t too far off from going into labour. I didn’t have any pains that night, woke up and went on with my day like normal. Around lunchtime, I picked up strong contractions out of nowhere that were really tight and were about 5mins apart that soon went into 2-3 mins apart. My sister who was staying with us at the time would time my contractions with an app she had on her phone. I called Luke who was at work and told him “I think I’m going to have a baby soon!” he told me to call Richard (my midwife who is the bees knees) and then let him know what’s happening. I just told Luke to come home because I had a feeling we’d have to leave once I get the thumbs up. I call Richard and tell him my contractions are 2-3 mins apart and he asks me what I would like to do? I tell him I’d like to come in! so he tells me that everything will be ready upon my arrival and he’ll meet us at the birthing suite. About 25mins later, Luke arrives home, we kiss our babies and tell them we’ll be back later with their new baby brother. Here I am all confident, thinking I’ll have my baby in a couple of hours and then we’ll be home by dinner time. Not even.

Luke drives me to the hospital like he’s in a race, driving over everything because we have a 4WD and apparently that’s what their designed to do! Do you know how hard it is, trying to get thru a contraction and then your husband drives over a curb, or over a roundabout (he literally drove on the island bit) like it’s normal. So annoying. Sitting in a confined space where I can’t move around for 20 mins was painful! It killed my back!

We get to the hospital, Richard meets us at the door and we get into our room. I’ve had all my babies in the same room so I feel at ease because I was already familiar with everything. Richard, always so lovely and calm asks how I’m doing, checks my blood pressure, has a listen for baby’s heartbeat, checks to see where we’re at and I’m 6cm dilated. Sweet! He then tells me to do whatever I feel like I need to do. It’s been 2 years since my last baby and the hospital has changed their birthing rules, meaning no water birth this time round. Talk about kill buzz! I couldn’t even try a water birth again! I don’t believe in drugs during labour (had a bad experience with the gas in my first labour) so I like to concentrate on my breathing to get me thru my contractions. It’s worked well so far. I know all women are different so this is just what I’ve done. Pain at this time was still bearable.

I told Richard I just wanted to get into the shower, he turned the shower on and I was leaning over a shower step first, rocking side to side while he and Luke had a good old yarn. (Richard has been my midwife for my last 3 babies so he’s practically family). I remember Luke and Richard talking about cars and where they had been on holidays the list goes on, he even told Luke in case of an emergency this green button will sound the alarm but you’ll only have to press it in an emergency so we don’t have to worry about it……..
I would get up and down, rock my hips sideways and lean onto a chair that Richard later brought in and it just felt like I was in the same spot for ages.

My contractions were out of whack now, they went from 2-3 mins apart to 5-10 mins apart and then almost 15-20 mins apart. I told Richard I felt like I needed to get up, so I tried rocking back and forth in the shower and focusing on breathing thru my contractions. It got too hot, and I got hungry so I left the shower to go and eat some chocolate biscuits I had in my hospital bag. When my contractions started up again, I would just pace up and down the room breathing and Richard would time me. He said the car ride to the hospital would’ve put my contractions out and I’d have to wait for them to start getting close again. Boring!

I felt like getting back into the shower so back into the bathroom we all went. There were times where I felt like I needed to push but nothing would happen. It was weird. About 6 hours later, Richard said he was concerned because I wasn’t making any progress. I was exhausted. The Hot shower took everything out of me, I felt like I was in a sauna and I just wanted to go to sleep.

Half an hour later Richard looks at me and says “in your next contraction, I want to see where we’re at. If we’re not progressing we may have to break your waters.” He brings the birthing stool into the shower for me to sit on and checks me with a flashlight. Richard checks me and says “it looks like your cervix may be blocking his head from coming thru.”
He then tells me that when I feel my next contraction coming, he was going to push my cervix back.

So a couple minutes later I feel a contraction coming on, I tell Richard and he starts pushing my cervix back only to have my waters break in the process and as the fluid comes out there’s meconium mixed up in it. Which is a big No, No! If the baby inhales it or has it in its lungs they could stop breathing. Richard tells Luke to push the green button. All I remember was this popping sound and then a big gush of fluid came out, and all the lights were suddenly on. The alarm was going off and then we had a room full of people that popped out of nowhere. I’m on the birthing stool, the doctor says to me “I’m Dr blah blah blah.  Your baby may not be breathing so you have to move onto the bed so that we can get him out quickly” I just cried. Like hysterically cried! I went into shock and panic mode. I couldn’t move, just ball my eyes out. I was so scared!

The Doctor and my midwife help me onto the bed, another lady comes in with a machine on a trolley and then I start losing my mind. Seriously. The Doctor tells me that machine is just to help the baby breathe. I’m already in shock, that’s the last thing I want to hear right now. Luke’s in shock but later comes to my side and tells me I need to push. The doctor and nurse have my feet up and tell me I need to push now. I’m so lost at this point, I’m too busy hysterically crying. Everyone is telling me to concentrate and push, and I’m trying but it feels like nothing is happening. I was so out of it, my brain wasn’t telling my body what it needed to do. So Richard tells me to blow out the candles on the cake. And because I’m so out of it, I’m looking for the cake with the candles! I remember this because I was literally trying to see where this cake was at.

I don’t know how it happened but I just snapped out of it and with one big push his head had come out. They told me to stop because he was coming out sideways and Richard was trying to turn him the right way. Luke said it was scary as! It looked like Richard was twisting his head. The next contraction came and the rest of his body came out. He come out crying. Thank Goodness. I didn’t even get to hold him because they had to check to make sure everything was alright. It felt like the longest time. Not long after they put him on my chest and everything was at peace. The Doctor said that him coming out crying was a good sign that he didn’t have anything in his lungs. She said they would have to monitor him for 24hrs. But after a couple of hours, she came back and gave us the all clear. We just had to wait our 3 hours before we could go home. My poor son must’ve been over it. They said it looked like he tried to turn himself the right way because he was posterior, and in the process got stressed and poo’d in the sack. Lucky Richard had that feeling because if he was in any longer, he would’ve inhaled it which would have been much more worse, they’d have to take me in for an emergency caesarean.

Richard asked how I was feeling before he left (he had been working 14hrs straight by then but didn’t want to miss our birth) and I told him, I’m traumatised! He said, you have your beautiful baby in your arms now, are you really that traumatised?

Um….yeah! I’ve already convinced myself that I am happy with four. Haha


Our little boy arrived at 7:57pm, weighing 8.11oz and has been such a delight to our family! We got home just before midnight and when our kids woke up the next morning, they couldn’t believe they had a new brother. Hera thought we just went to the hospital and picked him up lol if only it was that easy. He had no name for 2 days because Luke couldn’t decide on a first name. My husband thinks he has the right to name our children because I get to carry them for nine months. Ha! Yeah right. But after he named Kaelan, I let him have his way because he’s done a pretty good job with the rest.

We love names that have meanings and we both agreed on Irah WallaceIrah is Hebrew meaning watchful and Wallace is after Luke’s late Father who had passed away 3 weeks before. I felt as though Irah was exactly what Luke needed at the time after his Dads passing. A small reminder that Dad is watching out for us.


Thanks for choosing us to be your parents Irah X


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