Aston’s Announcements

Or rather, Aston Update, but the alliteration was so much better.

Today Aston is FOUR MONTHS OLD! When she was born we set up an email account to send weekly updates, photos, and family stories to her so when she gets older she can read them. Also, because I am a lazy journal keeper. Well after about 6 weeks those weekly updates turned to fortnight updates which actually didn’t last that long at all and I am embarrassed to say that I haven’t sent an email in about… two months (but probably longer) haha.

I’ve been tossing around whether or not to continue my blog and whether or not to continue writing about my family. I have a lot more viewers and readers than I anticipated – which, by the way, is totally awesome and I am so grateful! But I am also becoming aware of the dangers of the internet and the negative impacts on my family because I’m putting our lives out there. I LOVE sharing our lives and I love writing! And after a lot of careful consideration I have decided to keep blogging while being selective and smart about what I share. But I’m done with my break away from it. I crave writing.

Anyway, I am sharing these monthly updates on my social media (yeah, are you following me on Instagram and Facebook? If not, shame on you! hahaha totally kidding, but you should check them out!), and I want to share them on the blog too. Just a quick note, I started taking these on my phone (yes, I have an iPhone 6 but have no idea how to use it #amateuralert) and doing below average edits on them which has ruined the quality and annoyed me a lot. I promise to start using the camera and doing a better job. I also didn’t notice until now how much I repeated myself each month haha oh well.


O N E   M O N T H

  • 4.35kgs
  • 53cm
  • Active legs and a strong neck
  • Hungry and sleepy 24/7
  • Likes to be left alone rather than held
  • Enjoys being outside and social
  • Very nosy
  • And isn’t shy of meeting mummy and daddy’s friends



T W O   M O N T H S

  • 5.14kgs
  • 59cm
  • Loves her sleep (probably more than she should)
  • Lots of morning smiles
  • Laughs at Daddy’s beatboxing
  • Appreciates time to herself
  • Loves the outdoors
  • Finally wearing big girls clothes and not just onesies
  • Starting to teethe
  • Has evidently learnt the bottom lip trick



T H R E E   M O N T H S

  • 5.75kgs
  • 61cm
  • Loves to have conversations
  • Wants to sit up all the time
  • Smiles in the mornings
  • Self settles in bed
  • Laughs when daddy lifts her in the air
  • Still hates her car seat
  • Likes to play with (and eat) her hands
  • Finally gets ticklish
  • Accepts roses from gentlemen especially her daddy


4 months2

F O U R   M O N T H S

  • 69cm
  • Loves to read
  • Enjoys dance parties to ABBA with mummy
  • Watches her hands
  • Always kicks her legs
  • Super grumpy when she’s tired
  • Has random (and creepy) conversations with the books on the shelf
  • Argues with mummy way. too. much.
  • Eats a lot
  • Drools excessively
  • Likes to watch TV (whoops)
  • Showing signs of major sass (oh crap)
  • Is best friends with her Sophie giraffe

It’s hard to believe she was the tiny little bean in those ultrasound pictures. My little love is growing way too fast!

Mummy loves you!




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