The Princess and the Canadian Candy Man


My dream proposal.

Haha. Hahahaha it was not my dream proposal.

I got tied down on the night of January 3rd (Chelsea, remind me if that’s the right date? haha) 2014. It was… not surprising at all. Haha. I kinda knew it was happening but I didn’t know exactly how it was gonna go down.

Our proposal story actually started around Christmas 2011. As my first Christmas gift to Bryton I’d made him a little story book about how we met and started dating etc. I drew these cute (not cute) crayon pictures because I wanted it to be like a kids story book. It was called ‘The Princess and the Canadian Candy Man’ (long story on how that came about). At the back of the book I left some blank pages because *ding ding ding* that’s actually how I wanted Bryton to propose – “by finishing off our story” HAHAHAHA LAAAAAME. I was 20. Give me a break.

Annnyway, I hadn’t told anyone about my sneaky idea for this proposal. Not even Bryton.

The following month in January Bryton and I went to Hamilton so he could go to the temple. After his session he came home to ask my dad for permission to marry me. My parents were both so proud that Bryton was taking me to the temple. Little did they know how far away that occasion would be.

Fast forward 3 years. Still not married. Not even engaged.

We were in Hamilton spending New Years with my family. I’d just gone to dinner with my best friend who was also engaged. She’d asked me about my situation with Bryton. We’d been together almost 3 years and nothing was happening. I remember telling her that I honestly was not sure if we would get married. Afterwards I went home and Bryton picked me up to go for a drive. We drove up to one of our spots, Cyprus Hill. He brought a picnic blanket and his backpack. I remember thinking, “oh, he must be proposing. This is cute.” We found a spot and sat down and cuddled. We just talked most of the time. There were a couple of awkward silences and I thought “this must be it!” HAHAHA NOPE. It started raining and he says to me “we should go” so we pack up the blanket and head to the car haha. I was so gutted! We started heading home until he does a u-turn and drives up to the temple. For sure I was confused. Like, can this guy please make up his mind. He parked outside the gates because by this time it was after 10pm haha.

Before I carry on this very dreamy and romantic proposal, can I just tell you that the temple was the last place I ever wanted to be proposed to! For real. And he knew that. Why he took me there, I will never know!

Anyway, he has his backpack with him and we get to the top of the temple. He tells me he has something for me and pulls out…

a book.

Like, seriously? Hahaha. Nah, it was a story book that he’d made up for me. It was the same storyline as what I’d made for him but from his point of view. He made me read it out loud. Let me just say that true to Bryton form, it was the longest love story. It took me a good little while to read through it and he’d only drawn pictures up to page two. Anyway, I got to the last page and read it out


When I finally got the words out I looked up from the book and Bryton was down on his knee. With tears in his eyes (hahaha he’s so emotional) he asked “Sweetheart, will you marry me?” I laughed and said “are you proposing to me?” Blah blah blah “Of course!”

This was taken right after he proposed!

When I saw the ring I told him how much I love it and he said “well you should. You picked it!” Two years earlier we were at the jewellers and we had a look at rings. I’d picked one I really liked. I didn’t think anything of it though because he kinda rolled his eyes at it. But a month later he bought it and I had NO IDEA. He had been holding onto it for 2 years waiting for the right moment. Apparently there were several opportunities to propose but he was too scared! Now I realize how everything happened at the right time.

Being engaged was such an exciting time for us. We grew closer and stronger as a couple as we prepared to enter into sacred and eternal covenants.


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