5 Months Old


F I V E   M O N T H S

  • 6.8kg
  • 65cm long (I measured wrong last month)
  • Has found her feet!
  • Eats her toes
  • Finally fits her shoes
  • Rolls over
  • Loves being outside
  • Eats baby rice, fruit, and vegetables
  • Gives the silent treatment when she’s mad
  • Wants to eat all the food
  • Enjoys swimming in the bath
  • Ignores mummy and daddy when they leave her with her grandparents
  • Likes to sing

I love my smiley girl. Five months have gone too fast. Here are a couple of photos from what we’ve been up to lately.

IMG_8652 (1)



My brother-in-law returned home from his mission a couple of weeks ago and last Sunday he gave his home coming talk. It was so nice to get to visit our old ward again! While I was pregnant I used to get Bryton to take some bump shops in this exact place every Sunday. Now I have a 5 month old! It’s so crazy!



Right now we are in our last month of Winter. The past week has been so sunny though! So Aston and I have been able to get out of the house everyday and go for a little adventure out. Except it must not have been as warm as I thought because on Friday Aston woke up with a bit of a cough *sad face*. But we are definitely loving this weather!


On Friday night we had our stake ball. It was the first dance we’ve been to since Aston was born and I legit nearly peed myself every time I jumped haha. But it was so much fun! Here’s a poor quality photo of us. We had better photos but I look fat so you get this headshot instead haha. The dance was so much fun!




Today we went for a family walk at Devonport. Bryton and I walked along here on our first date and it was pretty special having our daughter join us this time. The last time we walked around here I was very pregnant! Our stroller comes with a capsule which clicks into it, but Aston has grown so much we decided to put her in the stroller seat so she can see everything. You can see how much she enjoyed that haha. She gave me those eyes for most of the walk until she fell asleep. On our way back to the car a band started singing some old school songs outside the Esplanade Hotel so we sat on some big wooden seats and listened to them for a few minutes before heading home.

I’m hoping for some better and more regular posts for you guys. The babe has been super clingy lately so when I do get time to myself I usually use it to clean the house. But I will be better!! Promise.

Have a great week, talk soon




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