Birthday Fun

Last Saturday we celebrated Bryton’s 29th birthday. This is the 6th birthday we have celebrated together which is just CRAZY. In 2011 we were on a YSA temple trip and we got to spend his first birthday together in the temple which was lovely. I bought him cufflinks which he actually wore on our wedding day too! I’ll insert a poor quality photo my friend took from the day. It was 2011. We were students. No one had the big digital cameras back then haha.


On Saturday we had a nice day planned. We took Aston for her first swim! We were so excited. I went out and bought new togs for her. When we got to the pools we also enrolled her into the learning to swim course they run there. It is so important to us that she knows how to swim and we want her to learn as soon as possible. It is going to be something Aston gets to do with her dad and Bryton and I are very excited about this. Although after our experience on Saturday, I’m not sure she’s keen to get back in the water. We didn’t have a bad experience! She just didn’t enjoy it like we hoped. She just held onto Bryton and didn’t even splash around in the water at all haha. She played with a basketball for a little bit and Bryton took her around the pool but she was stiff and a little scared and gave the kids around her the stink eye every time they splashed water in her direction haha.

After the pools we grabbed lunch at Burger Fuel and then did a bit of shopping. This coming Saturday we are doing the Pink Star Walk. It is a fundraiser for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. In May I did the Pink Ribbon Breakfast and raised money there and we decided that we would also take part in the Pink Star Walk. If you would like to donate you can click here. All proceeds go to the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation. So we went shopping for outfits for us to wear on the walk. Bryton is so cute and agreed to wear pink shorts and a singlet – both are women’s wear haha.

That evening Bryton’s mum came around to babysit Aston. I had an evening planned for Bryton. I got us tickets to Michael Bublé Tour Stop 148 movie at Hoyts. We went to his concert 2 years ago and LOVED it. This movie was a one off screening in New Zealand and it was some of his concert with behind the scenes footage. The tickets I got were for Lux and oh my goodness. Hoyts does not disappoint! The seats were amazing, the food was amazing AND you get complimentary popcorn and drink and at the end of the movie you they give you little chocolate bars. Seriously. So good. I don’t think I can watch a movie in the normal theaters again haha. The movie was so fun and we loved it a lot. Michael Bublé has such a sexy voice.

Bryton said it was a very nice birthday for him. Even better that we have our little girl with us to celebrate these days with. Around this time last year we found out we were having a girl and we spent his birthday day driving from one state to another. Bryton is such a special man. We love him so so much and we are grateful for all he does for our family. Happy birthday my love!










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