My Big 6 Month Old



That stink eye


Two weeks ago my little Aston turned 6 months old. It is hard to believe how fast time has gone and I’m a little sad that she is growing up so quickly! She has a little sass about her and is very strong willed. She knows exactly what she wants and tries hard to get it. She moves with purpose and sometimes that’s annoying haha. She may look exactly like her daddy but she’s showing a lot of my personality (this is what I feared).

6  M O N T H S

  • 7.5kgs
  • 68cm long
  • Sits up all by herself
  • Loves anything chocolate (whoops)
  • Grabs mama’s face
  • Pulls hair
  • Laughs a lot
  • Has lots of morning smiles
  • Enjoys walks along the beach and being outside
  • Prefers to stand rather than sit or lie down
  • Loves to play with her toys
  • Wears 3 bibs in 1 day
  • Still super white but we’re working on that tan haha
  • Likes singing to ABBA songs
  • Sucks on her hands and feet
  • Poos too much
  • Eats lots of solids
  • SO cheeky
  • Rolls around. A lot.

We are loving spending all our time together. We are already planning her first birthday and that’s a little bit sad because it’s going to be here in no time šŸ˜„



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