A Night Out






Last week we went out for a family night. A new set of restaurants opened up at one of the malls in West Auckland and we decided to head out to see what it was like. They were also having a lights show which I thought would be cool but it turned out to be pretty lame haha. But we grabbed some Vietnamese from one of the new restaurants and it was delicious. Such a bummer that it was raining too otherwise I’m sure it would have been a lot more fun. Aston is wanting to eat everything these days and now that she is a little bit bigger we are letting her eat more. She is quite independent so she hardly wants us to feed her and would rather feed herself. So we will usually hand her a piece of pumpkin or carrot or potato and she will feed herself. She is so good at chewing food even though she has no teeth and she hasn’t had a problem choking either. We are so stoked that she is smart enough to do that but we also make sure we are feeding her ourselves so she is getting enough in her tummy! We are loving spending lots of family time together, especially as our little one continues to grow so quickly.


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