The Fastest 7 Months

I know I just posted her 6 month update last week, but that’s because I was a little lazy last month haha. But I am back on it!

Today Aston is 7 months old. I remember my labour like it was yesterday. I can’t believe in just 5 short months we will have a big one year old. That scares me so much. I am cherishing her littleness as much as I can before she grows up. This morning we were hanging out in the living room and she started to lift herself up onto her knees. How is this happening already!? STOP. GROWING. UP. I’m not ready for Aston to start crawling. I have not baby-proofed my house. I was kinda hoping she’d be this little tiny baby forever. But now I have to feed her proper food, clean her more often, and watch her every move because she is so curious. About a month ago she decided to take the bottle when Bryton was watching her. From then on we tried to offer the bottle a lot more and she took it really well. She then started to only take the bottle and when I tried to breastfeed her she wouldn’t take it. I’m so happy I lasted just over 6 months. We were both ready to move on from breastfeeding and I’m just glad we were both happy with the change. I’ve also noticed that she sleeps a lot longer since she’s been on formula which is great. Anyway, I pulled out the camera this morning and snapped a few shots of my tiny one. Or not so tiny, I suppose.






7  M O N T H S

  • 71cm
  • Gets places by rolling
  • Likes to touch. Everything.
  • Wakes only once a night (YAY)
  • Still fits her 3-6 month clothes
  • Likes to feed herself
  • Chews properly
  • Still no teeth
  • Finally growing her hair
  • Laughs at daddy
  • Grabs anything around her
  • Smiles on cue
  • Disliked her first swim
  • Starts swimming lessons this week
  • Holds the bottle herself
  • Weaned herself off the breast
  • Exclusively formula-fed
  • Likes bananas, pumpkin, potatoes, carrots, chicken, chocolate
  • Very very nosy


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