Kayne Cooks: Crumbly Fudge

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a really good sweet tooth. As in, I’m really good at eating lots of sweet treats. So good I need to get fillings all. the. time. I love a good fudge and when I found this recipe on a blog I follow, I knew I needed to make it! So I bought the ingredients and got to work. Well. What an experience. There aren’t many ingredients but there is a LOT of sugar. A LOT. I was so shocked. I know I eat a lot of sugar but seeing it all in the pot was a huge shock to me and a sign that I should not go ahead with this. But, being the persistent and ever-enduring person that I am, I did not give in to the temptation to quit – I AM NOT A QUITTER (unless it’s a fitness program. Yuck). So I mixed it all up and put it in to a lined dish like the recipe says, and I waited. And waited. Four days I waited. I went to Hamilton and back and still waited. And it was not crumbly fudge. It was a layer of sweet goo with a crisp topping. Hahahaha the look of disappointment on my face was REAL. How could it go so wrong? I did everything the recipe said. Well, except putting in the properΒ amount of sugar – I did a little less in each cup because I didn’t actually want to put so much in. And I kinda guessed a third of a cup of milk because we broke the proper cup measurement and threw it out. The recipe said to beat until “thick and creamy” so I did that. But it did not turn thick or creamy. It was runny the whole 20 minutes I beat it. That should’ve been a sign to me that something was wrong. But it wasn’t. I just told myself “it looks right to me.” So, kids, the lesson here is that measurements really do matter and there is no hope for me. But stay tuned because I’m sure I’ll share more kitchen mishaps again.

To see how it’s meant to look, you can find the recipe and proper fudge photos here.

Yours Truly,

Kayne Pilling, Masterchef




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