8 Months


Today Aston turns 8 months. I feel like a broken record when I keep saying that she is growing so fast. But it’s true! She has developed a lot over the past month and I can’t believe some of the things she is doing.

8  M O N T H S

  • 74cm long
  • Clapping her hands
  • Crawling!
  • Brushing gums (because she has no teeth yet but still has bad breath haha)
  • Eating adult food
  • Snores zzzz
  • Sleeping through the night (YAY)
  • Pulls out everything on our shelves
  • Moves all over the bed in her sleep
  • Stands up while holding onto things
  • Loves getting frights
  • Loves swimming
  • Blows raspberries
  • Gives the silent treatment when we leave her with a babysitter

Here are a couple of cute pics from the last month. So much CUTENESS!






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