My Little Strawberry

We have spent the week in Hamilton with my family and Aston has been loving it. There is more space for her to explore and crawl around and there are more people for her to play with. Yesterday Bryton and I cancelled our movie plans to go the strawberry farm with my family. It was so much fun! We got some really big and delicious strawberries. These ones are so much better than any I have bought from the shop before. We got a container each and filled them up with as many as would fit and Aston pinched a few along the way. She was loving it! By the end of it she was starting to look like a strawberry with red cheeks. My little brothers kept picking strawberries that weren’t ready so we had to teach them to pick the red ones and leave the white ones to grow. After we picked a bunch we got some real fruit ice creams. Aston went to town eating everyone’s ice creams and getting angry every time we fed ourselves.

My little brothers are hilarious. We sat down to eat our ice creams and Vinnie had strawberry stains on his shirt and in defence he says “the bee put the strawberry on my t-shirt”, a classic Vinnie-ism.

We left our camera in Auckland so had to take photos on our phones which may explain the low quality. 

It was the perfect day for it and we still have lots of strawberries to celebrate the new year with. Hope you’re enjoying your holidays and the sun too!



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