2016 – My Year in Review













When I first thought about the year that was 2016 I thought it was pretty crappy. My Koro died at the beginning of the year and it seemed like a train wreck of events followed. But last week when I was looking through photos from Aston’s birth I realized that maybe I was just being dramatic haha. I have a lot to be grateful for in 2016.

  • We moved out on our own
  • I had a healthy pregnancy and labour
  • We were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Aston
  • Experiencing parenthood for the first time with Bryton
  • Celebrating 2 years of marriage
  • Weekly play dates with Chelsea and Desmond
  • Raising money for Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Travelling up north and to Rotorua
  • My mum is still here! Her tumour was removed and she is in remission
  • Celebrating our first Christmas with our daughter

While there were a lot of sad things that happened this past year, I have to remember the positive things too. Aston is definitely the highlight of my year. She has brought so much joy into our lives. When it feels like life is getting tough or that our family has already been through enough, I remember the blessing that she is. I’m sure you can all tell how much we love this little creature. But seriously, I didn’t think I could love a person so much. And it is crazy to think that I love Bryton even more than that. Seeing him with Aston is a highlight of my day. He is such a wonderful dad and husband.

So I am ready to get out of 2016 and into 2017. This year I just want to live. Everyday. Step out of my comfort zone. Do things. Take risks. Live.

Always forward, never backward.


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