Aston’s First Christmas 2016


















Not my proudest look. In my defence I was sick.



This post is a couple of weeks late but I finally have the time to share about our Christmas for 2016. It was a very special Christmas being Aston’s first one. I came across this great gift guide for Aston and probably all of our future children. It’s the ‘want, need, wear, read’ concept. Basically you buy something they want, something they need, something they can wear, and something they can read (or you can read to them). It made buying for Aston so easy. This is what we ended up buying her:

WANT: Pipi Ma doll

Aston doesn’t know what she wants yet but I wanted her to have this Maori speaking doll so I’m sure she wanted it too.

NEED: A new car seat!

The poor girl has been in her capsule since she was born. Her legs are growing too long and she needed a bigger one. So we found one that we really liked and waited for it to go on special so we could buy it for her Christmas present.

WEAR: Summer clothes

Pumpkin Patch and Charlie & Me had a huge receivership sale and I took full advantage of it and bought a bunch of clothes for Aston. I also used Christmas as an excuse to buy her a cute summer outfit.

READ: 2 classic books

We found a New Zealand version of the classic story “We’re going on a Bear Hunt” in a little pop up gift store in Albany. It’s called “We’re going on a Moa Hunt” and I knew that that was the book I wanted to get for Aston’s present. The other book we bought was “Guess How Much I Love You” – a classic children’s book.

On Christmas morning Bryton and I woke up early to get ourselves ready for church. This was the one morning that Aston decided to sleep in! It was a good thing because it meant we could get fully ready without being interrupted or having to take care of Aston. But when we had nothing else to do we had to wake her up. Usually she’ll grizzle a little but she’ll be wide awake within seconds. Not Christmas morning. Bryton picked her up out of bed and she was still asleep! We brought her into the living room and she was a little out of it. After a few minutes she was finally wide awake. We said prayers and read the nativity story and then PRESENT TIME. Aston basically had no idea what was going on. We let her open her gifts first and she absolutely did not care about them and preferred to play with the wrapping paper or the nappy bin *cue eye roll*. Bryton and I opened our gifts next. We set a budget of how much to spend on each other and without knowing we had both gone over budget (I’m not complaining 😉 ) Bryton bought me a Chrome cast which I have been wanting for the last 2 years! And he bought me a beautiful ring. This is a big deal. After we bought our wedding rings he said to me “I never want to go into a jewellery store again!” Haha. I accepted it but despised it at the same time. I LOVE jewellery and I never thought he’d buy me another piece ever. At first I thought it wasn’t my style because it’s a lot bigger than I usually prefer, but because he chose it I decided that I didn’t want to exchange it. But now I LOVE it!!!

After presents we had a waffle breakfast and then headed to church. Our Christmas service at church was amazing. Truly uplifting. There were no speakers, just a couple of narrators who read the Nativity story in between singing from the choir and the congregation. You could really feel the Christmas spirit.

Following church we headed to Hamilton to spend Christmas with my family. We are really lucky because my in-laws have their Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve so we’ve never had to miss either of our family Christmas celebrations. On our way to Hamilton we stopped in at Kimihia Cemetery in Huntly and met my family there. We went to visit the grave of our very close friend who passed in August 2016. We miss him so much.

We then went on to Hamilton and opened presents with my family and had a delicious Christmas lunch. It is our family tradition to visit the temple lights on Christmas night so we all (except my dad who is too cool for us) drove up to the temple. It was the first time Aston has been to the temple which is terrible haha. She is 9 months old and that was the first time she’s been there. When I stood her in front of the window of the Visitors Centre she reached out her hand to Jesus and smiled. Coincidence? Hmmm I don’t know, but I feel like she recognized a familiar face.

The next day our family went to the park for a BBQ and to play a bit of tee ball. I was sick and had an ear ache so my appearance was CLEARLY not a priority. Although I feel like that happens every time I’m in Hamilton haha. Actually, I think it started once I had a baby. I need to get on top of that.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but many people have mentioned that Christmas is better with kids. I never believed that. But everything that I never believed before I had a baby is proving to be true haha. Aston’s first Christmas was very special. Being with my own little family on Christmas day was so sweet. I know for her it was just a normal day, but it was more than that for me.

I hope you enjoyed your holiday with people you love



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